Old-fashioned winter in Minnesota

Robert B. writes:

Minnesota is having what we call “an old fashioned Minnesota winter”—lots of snow and lots of very cold air. The temp this morning was 12 below zero Fahrenheit as the rush hour began. The wind chills were at 30 below.

An “old fashioned winter” is our local euphemism to refer to a time when our winters were always severe and we had, coincidentally, almost no “minorities.” It was one of our beliefs that riff-raff could not handle the cold and so stayed away from here—we actually had a net outflow of population in the ’70s and early ’80s due to our winter extremes. My friends are all laughing as I had been predicting this return for about five years now. After all, in the 1930s, “we” routinely harvested corn in January.

At any rate, the “Winter Wonderland” is a “white” one—not just lots of snow with more to come, but almost no visible minorities. The crime falls off to almost nothing when it gets like this. There are no minorities showing up for school, work or shoplifting. No black panhandlers, no Mexicans hanging out in parking lots, no muggings, no brutal, senseless murders. Just lots of white people going about their business getting ready for Christmas. One would think we were still living in America circa 1960.

Merry Christmas, Lawrence, and also to all of your readers, Merry Christmas.

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Robert B. writes:

It is humorous to me that liberals will import tropical people to a northern clime like this, and not stop to realize how ridiculous it is. The blacks will literally state that the cold (that means below 20 or so) actually scares them in a very real way.

Right now, all across the Twin Cities, emergency rooms are full of Somalis and whatnot, who are just terrified of the cold—they give them sugar water on an IV and we must pay for this—including the ambulances that ferry them to the hospital. And, according to landlords I know and firemen (ambulance crews), they have their heat turned all the way up and the ovens going full blast—to get the temps up to 90 and above in their living quarters. This is not restricted to Somalis. It applies to all tropical phenotypes that are here.

Robert B. continues:

We were out at the Mall Of America tonight to have the four year old visit Santa and pick up a Lego set there (they have the world’s coolest Lego store—full size dinosaurs made out of Legos), and there was not a “minority” any where to be seen. Its not that I am racist, because I do have a few friends who are black—but, they are very civilized and dislike “ghetto blacks” (as they call them) themselves.

The thing is, without the bad ones, people are just so much nicer and friendlier to one another. You cannot help but notice it.

Hannon writes:

That is a fascinating story about minorities in a “real” Minnesota winter. I hope you can expand on this point that has long fascinated me. Whites do not “belong” on the equator any more than tropical peoples belong in the temperate zone. Logically there are natural exceptions, in small numbers. I can only imagine the response one would get from asserting this idea to anyone. It is in the realm of your simply talking about American women not having the vote, a non-advocacy intellectual exercise.

By this reasoning then is the “legitimate” geographic battle ground in the warm temperate zone where the major zones meet, i.e., the Mediterranean countries and all around 30 degrees from the equator? Small coincidence that this most desirable living climate is where people converge in great numbers and in all their glorious diversity.

Merry Christmas.

LA writes:

James Wolcott at Vanity Fair (who first noticed this website at the time of Undercover Black Man’s attack on me at Huffington Post in May 2007), is writing about Robert B.’s Minnesota white winter reverie. I haven’t read Wolcott’s post yet as it’s late at night, but I’m sure that he huffs and puffs and is duly scornful and utterly incredulous at the fact that such backwardness could exist.

Imagine how it will bend liberals (and conservatives) out of shape as more and more white people—intelligent, rational white people—just come right out and say that they prefer living in a basically white environment, that they think that America was a better country in 1960, when it was 89 percent white, than it is today, when it is 65 percent white, and that, in the words of “Bob Dylan’s Dream” (1962) (lyrics, recording):

Ten thousand dollars at the drop of a hat
I’d give it all gladly
If our lives could be like that.

December 24

[Deleted Name] writes:

We are having a fierce and snowy winter in Ontario too. There is a community of black Muslims in this area. Occasionally I find myself making small talk with one of the women and I always want to ask, “What on earth possessed you to move up here?”, but I don’t have the guts.

There is one Pakistani family in town. Once when I was chatting with the mother of the family, she told me about all the ways in which Pakistan was preferable to Canada (e.g., lower cost of living, more self-sufficiency) and I asked, “So why did you move to Canada?” Her answer: because sometimes Pakistan gets way too hot. That was it. I was surprised, but I do note that she never complains about all the cold and snow.

Mark Jaws writes:

I used to notice the same thing in New York City during snowstorms. The lower East Side, which at that time was 55 percent white, was much more so during the frigid cold and the intense snow storms. For me, the very first sign of spring was the unmistakeable sound of the PRs banging out a Caribbean beat on the bongos on that first warm day in March and the sight of junkies nodding at the early spring sun.

LA replies:

Yes, but in recent years the first sign of spring in New York City is when whites start going around half naked in March. They just can’t wait to start stripping.

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