Thousands of Christians fleeing Iraq

By striving to create “democracy” in Iraq without having first established a monopoly of force there, either for our own occupation authority or for the successor interim government, we have helped unleash an ongoing Islamist terror war, whose targets include, along with intellectuals and female university students, Iraq’s one million-strong Christian community. Since August, when several Christian churches were destroyed by bombs, 15,000 Christians have fled the U.S.-occupied country for safer harbors, which include Ba’athist-controlled Syria. Syria has even created a new science and technology university, most of whose teachers are Iraqi exiles. If we keep “staying the course” like this, pretty soon there won’t be any Christians or intellectuals left in Iraq at all.

It’s a perfect illustration of the neoconservative ideology in action: you manically celebrate your ability to reconstruct an entire society in terms of a political abstraction (in this case, “democracy”), while you allow the actual society to be dissolved.

An anti-war rightist said about this article that it showed that “the neocons [i.e. the Jews] don’t care about Christians.” But by the same logic, the article also shows that “the neocons don’t care about intellectuals.” Why was the former said, and not the latter?

Posted by Lawrence Auster at October 17, 2004 05:27 PM | Send

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