Washington Post, acting like White House staff, conceals Obama’s “isolated extremist” remark

I sent identical e-mails the other day to Washingotn Post reporters Anne Kornblut and Karen DeYoung about their January 3 article, “Obama ties airliner plot to al-Qaeda’s Yemeni affiliate”:

You report in your article today that:

President Obama said for the first time Saturday that the alleged Christmas Day airline bomber apparently was acting under orders from the al-Qaeda branch in Yemen, which “trained him, equipped him with those explosives and directed him to attack that plane headed for America.”

Yet in the article, you never mention that this is a complete reversal of what Obama said last week, namely that Mutallab was an “isolated extremist.”

Why did you not mention this key piece of information? How as a reporter do you justify not reporting the salient fact that Obama against all the available evidence initially rushed to judgment and said that Mutallab was an “isolated extremist,” and that now Obama is reversing himself?

Kornblut and DeYoung have not replied.

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