What happened to the general who opposed the homosexualization of the armed services

Howard Sutherland writes:

And now Lt. Gen. Benjamin Mixon is gone, driven into retirement for encouraging military people to express reservations through their chain of command about the precipitate repeal of “Don’t ask, don’t tell.” (I know that’s not a strictly accurate description, but it seems to be the accepted shorthand for the topic.) At the time, Defense Secretary Gates and Joint Chiefs Chairman Admiral “Mike” Mullen rebuked Mixon publicly, no doubt embarrassing Army Chief of Staff Gen. George Casey—he for whom any check to the Army’s manic Drive to Diversity would be worse than the deaths and injuries Nidal Malik Hasan inflicted because he … uh, like, had a headache, maybe … ?—terribly and putting paid to any prospect Mixon had of a fourth star, the holy grail of the career-driven officer. Many of us former officers who never tried to climb the greasy pole to flag or general rank like to complain about how those who become admirals and generals today are politicians first and warriors second, if at all. Mixon gives hope that there may be a few who haven’t completely sold their souls. In speaking up, Mixon put at least two valuable things at risk. By sounding off while still in uniform, as noted above, he killed any chance of that coveted final star. Probably less than half of three-stars become four-stars, but most—having got so close—must believe that last one is in reach if they don’t screw up. By continuing to sound off in retirement, Mixon is probably ruining his chances of cashing in on the revolving-door system that conveys four-star and many three-star retirees to lucrative sinecures with defense contractors, which, because they so rely on the U.S. government for business, are just as PC as their lead client. He may turn up as a talking-head at Fox, but even they aren’t exactly champions of traditional morality!

So three cheers for Ben Mixon, but I’m still waiting for an active-duty four-star to speak up and oppose the feminizing, homosexualizing and Mestization (if that’s a word) into a mercenary mob of the U.S. armed forces. I suspect I will wait a very long time.

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