Two Englishwomen are gang-raped in island paradise

Karl D. writes:

As reported in the Mail, two British women were gang raped by six masked men at their campsite on a beach on the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia. They were about to leave because they saw that their campsite had been disturbed. I especially like this statement from the authorities:

“Overall crime rates are low but common sense rules do apply. We advise against being in isolated areas after dark.”

The fact that common sense has even been suggested will cause the typical liberal brain to short circuit.

LA replies:

As a VFR reader advised in 2008, the only way to be safe when visiting a black tropical paradise is to stay, not in a three star hotel, and not in a four star hotel, but in a five star hotel owned by an international corporation.

These two Englishwomen stayed, not in a five star hotel, and not even in a one star hotel, but in a tent on the most secluded beach of an island nation whose population is 95 percent black or mulatto. Nothing in their liberal world told them that this was a dangerous thing to do. White women and girls continue to be regularly raped and killed by blacks and Hispanics, because modern society tells them that they can do whatever they want and go wherever they want. And the lesson is never learned, because that would mean that white women and girls are not free to do whatever they want and go wherever they want. According to liberalism, it’s better for white females to be raped and killed than to accept any limitation on their freedom, especially if such limitation is based on an apprehension of the realities of black violence.

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Thucydides writes:

Another cause of this failure to observe even minimal sensible precautions for personal safety, as was seen earlier in the Yglesias assault as he walked at night in a known dangerous area, is the liberal faith in the universal natural goodness of humankind, whatever the particular identities. Liberals have repudiated all versions of the doctrine of original sin, that there are sources of evil in most men, including even members of those groups which have iconic victim status, and are presumed to be wholly innocent. In fact grievance identity group members, who achieve that status in part by reason of a high incidence of social pathology, may well on average have more than their share of human depravity. But for the liberal their condition is proof of the failings of society, not the result of their own behavior.

This belief is essential to their whole faith system, for a more realistic view of the human condition means that grandiose plans for comprehensive social reform cannot be made to work due to the limitations of human nature. Their beliefs blind them to the unfortunate reality of the world we live in.

N. writes:

So when will the “slutwalkers” be decamping to the island of St. Lucia to protest this real, genuine crime, I wonder? To ask the question is to answer it: they won’t, they wouldn’t dream of it. There would be genuine risk, unlike in Boston, Seattle, Austin and other U.S. cities that have recently seen “slutwalks.”

LA replies:

Who are slutwalkers again? Not that I really want to know.

N. replies:

An ostensibly anti-rape movement that commenced in Toronto, and now has spread across the U.S. and possibly to Australia as well.

Here is a posting from Laura Woods on the topic. It likely tells you all you need to know, and perhaps more.

LA replies:

Here’s the beginning of Laura’s article:

A TORONTO police officer told a group of university students in January that “women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized.” Pandemonium ensued, with the officer’s job hanging by a thread. His honest, indisputable statement has since inspired protests in several cities, some of the more irrational manifestations of the urge to protest. They have been dubbed “SlutWalks” and thousands are anticipated to attend the one in Seattle on June 19.

So what are the SlutWalkers protesting? They say they are protesting any link between a woman’s appearance and sexual assault.

So the idea is, women don’t have to observe any precautions in this world. They can dress as they like, where they like, when they like. By extension, they can go where they like and when they like, e.g., they can hitchhike alone wearing black miniskirt and boots outside a concert stadium at night, like the late Morgan Harrington of Virginia; or they can go jogging alone in a deserted, densely wooded park in a city with a huge black and Hispanic population, like the late Chandra Levy of Washington, D.C., and like numerous other females who have been murdered while jogging alone in woodsy, empty parks, sometimes with earphones on their heads. Any idea to the contrary is an imposition on their freedom.

Presumably the Slut Walkers’ protest movement will consist of its members walking alone through rough parts of cities at 3 a.m. dressed like sluts, just to prove that there is and can be no connection between how they dress / where they go / when they go there, and what happens to them.

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Karen writes from England:

It is typical. Why don’t people don’t learn from the bad experiences of the others who were killed and maimed before them? If a couple can be killed in their hotel chalet, what chance do these women have in a tent?

Sometimes I think this type of incident is a consequence of ignorance and naivety. Many people don’t seem to have a realistic concept of the Third World and in particular black countries. They don’t understand the risks these countries pose not just in terms of violent crime but public health, hygiene, infections, lack of legal rights, lack of security etc. The ease of air travel makes everything seem the same and many people don’t seem to realise that when they get off the plane at the other end, they are entering a different and dangerous world.

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