Just as America supplied the flight training for the 9/11 jihad hijackers, it supplied the weapon and the weapon’s training for the Fort Hood jihad killer

These are excerpts from an AP story:

FORT HOOD, Texas—In the weeks before the deadly Fort Hood rampage, an Army psychiatrist repeatedly visited a firing range to hone his skills with his new laser-equipped semiautomatic handgun by shooting at the heads on silhouette targets, witnesses told a military hearing Thursday.

Maj. Nidal Hasan bought an FN 5.7 semiautomatic handgun on Aug. 1, a few weeks after he entered the store and made “an interesting request … for the most high-tech weapon we had,” said Fredrick Brannon, a former Guns Galore employee. He said Hasan seemed to have little knowledge of guns at that point….

John Choats, part owner of Stan’s Outdoor Shooting Range and a certified shooting instructor, said Hasan completed a concealed handgun class Oct. 10 and purchased a membership at the shooting range in Florence, about 20 miles south of Killeen. Hasan returned once or twice a week, doing long-range shooting with an FN 5.7 gun at the rifle range, Choats said.

Hasan chose silhouette targets rather than bullseye targets, aiming at the head and chest from 100 yards away, and began to improve his accuracy, Choats said.

“Most of the time in training it’s (aiming for) entirely center mass, the chest and abdominal (region),” Choats said, when asked by a defense attorney whether he noticed anything unusual about the target practice….

Brannon also said Thursday that after buying the gun, Hasan returned to the store every week or two and bought boxes of ammunition—up to eight boxes a week that cost $23.99 per box of 50 bullets. He said Hasan also bought extensions for ammunition clips, boosting the capacity to 30 rounds.

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