A funny comment by Laura Wood

I just came upon the April 2010 entry, “Randian commenter says that because I believe in God and think breast implants are bad, I deserve to burn in hell.” In the below comment by Laura Wood from that thread where she is replying to the Randian commenter, I’ve bolded the sentence that made me laugh out loud.

Breast implants, which often mysteriously appear in between marriages, have always been associated in my mind with self-delusion, not self-improvement. I am blown away that anyone sees freedom and civilization hinging on these surgically inserted cantaloupes.

“Your attack on breast implants and the ‘artificial’ represents an attack on man himself.”

This is sort of like a teenager saying, “Your attack on my grungy T-shirt is an attack on man himself.” Imagine the cultural repercussions if you had criticized face lifts and liposuction too. Doug says, “That cosmetic surgery can be used for neurotic or superficial ends does not change its essential nature as a method of self-improvement.” What is the dividing line between superficial and self-improving in the exalted, Aristotelian realm of plastic boobs? What cup size is technically not superficial?

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