Valerie Jarrett speaks

The president’s closest advisor, seen in this question and answer session, is a gentle-spoken, light-skinned black woman. She does not have the obvious appearance of a radical. But then of course the same was true of Obama: he was a pleasant spoken, light-skinned black man who did not have the appearance of a radical.

She says, inter alia (don’t be drinking coffee in front or your computer screen when you read this), that “there is no one more self-critical than President Obama,” and that Obama’s intelligence is a burden, because it enables him to see his mistakes right away. Right. That’s why he believes that people oppose his bill not because they have reasonable grounds thinking that it is horrible, but because he hasn’t explained it to them enough.

By the way, the questioner’s question to Jarrett is a good one: isn’t there a need for a “Health Care Bill for Dummies” book?

The problem is, of course, that if there were such a book which clearly explained Obamacare, and if it were widely read, opposition to Obamacare would rise from the present 60 percent to 85 percent.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at February 23, 2010 05:19 PM | Send

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