Delightully frank jihadists

You gotta love these guys. In a world in which everyone, including the pope, is hemmed in, repressed, and terrified of even hinting at the grim realities of Islam, and feels compelled to affirm in swelling tones that Muslims are just like you and me and that they long for democracy and peace and modern freedoms, the jihadists themselves shove aside all such encomia and proudly affirm the horrible truth about Islam.

First, there’s Abu Qatada, whom I quoted the other day:

No doubt that the Koran, the Sunna and the life of the Prophet order the Muslim to carry on jihad and fighting. This is something no Muslim can deny. [If] any Sheikh tries to deny it or strip it of its real meaning, [that] is considered an act of apostasy.

Then there is a note from a Muslim reader that Diana West received in response to her column on the pope’s “unexploded bomb shell” about Islam (which, mea culpa, I thought I had posted something about at VFR, but now realize I have not). As she says in an e-mail, most of us are afraid to point out the immutability of Koran/Islam because the doctrine of Islam is so deeply offensive to us that we can’t imagine that immutability wouldn’t be seen as an embarassment or insult. But to the true believing Muslims for whom Islam is simply freedom from unbelief, to say that Islam is immutable “is only a compliment—and totally non-controversial.”

Here is the Muslim’s e-mail to West:

Dear Diana

I read your article, but I failed to understand where the bombshell is. The pope has the right to express his opinion about the impossibility to reform Islam. It is just that Islam does not need any reform. We do not as Muslims mess with the word of God, we do not fit the religion to our needs. As Christians have done and still do.

This is why nowadays so many Christians are embracing Islam for its incorruptible principles. Most non-Muslims who criticize Islam do it from ignorance.

Along the same lines, Theodore Dalrymple writes about a Muslim man named Samir Azzouz who was arrested in the Netherlands on suspicion of terrorism after bomb making equipment, including fertilizer, was found in his apartment:

One thing Azzouz can’t be accused of is of hiding his disdain for Holland, its government, and its legal system. In his most recent court appearance, Azzouz said, “We reject you, we reject your system, we hate you.” As Dickens would have put it, you can’t say fairer than that.

As I said, I love these guys. They’re so perfectly, irrepressibly themselves. Give me that man who is not civility’s slave, and I will wear him in my heart’s core, to paraphrase Hamlet.

Meanwhile, the CAIR types and the “Sir” Iqbal Sacranie types and the “Professor” Tariq Ramadan types cover up the Islamic reality. So it seems there are two main varieties of jihadist Muslims, those who eagerly proclaim that Islam stands for aggressive jihad, the defeat and conquest of all non-believers, and death to those who question these beliefs; and the “moderates” who practice concealment and deny that which the open jihadists shout to the skies. And these two types of Muslims correspond to two types of Westerners: those who speak the truth about Islam, and those who don’t. May the truth-tellers in both camps rise to the fore.

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