Derbyshire’s interview; and, does he give a damn?

Dean Ericson writes:

From the interview of Derbyshire at

Now that you won’t be working with NR, where do you plan on taking your writing? Will you continue at Taki’s Magazine?

Haven’t thought much about it. Yes, Takimag is very congenial. I’ll probably try to write for other opposition-conservative outlets too, if they want me: VDARE, AltRight, American Renaissance, and so on. I know a lot of the proprietors there. Writing itself is a bit problematic until I’ve got my rogue lymphocytes back in line, though, so don’t be looking for any great outpourings. I may even just give up writing and work as a butler or something. I sometimes feel I’ve said everything I want to say.

He doesn’t back down a bit. But there’s a sense of … he doesn’t really give a damn. He’ll tell the truth as he sees it, but he’s not going to be fighting for anything, for some noble cause in this world of nonsense and nut cases. What would be the point? He could just as well be a butler for all that matters. Still, he said the forbidden truth about race and that took some courage and he’s not taking it back. And he’s paying a price for that. Bravo, John. Two cheers for Derbyshire—Hip-hip, hooray! Hip-hip, hooray!

LA replies:

I was disappointed that the interviewer did not ask what was to me the most interesting question. When Derbyshire wrote the piece, did he realize that it would likely set off a big controversy and lead to his dismissal from NR? Or was he surprised by the controversy and the dismissal? Because of that remaining unanswered question, in my article, “Derbyshire’s accomplishment,” posted last night, I couldn’t simply assume that Derbyshire knew he was sacrificing his gig at NR when he wrote the article.

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