A revelation of nothing

Patrick H. writes:

Here is the new Gospel:

In the beginning was the Boson, and the Boson was with non-God, and the Boson was non-God. The same particle was in the beginning with non-God. All things were heavy by it; and without it was not anything heavy that was heavy. In it was mass; and the mass was the heaviness of things. And the mass amassed in empty space; and the empty space outweighed it not.

There was a scientist sent from non-God, whose name was Higgs.

With apologies to the author of the Gospel of John. And to the Logos. Logos is a beautiful and powerful Word. Boson sounds, well, bosonic. And so do the scientists who call it the “God particle.”

Patrick H. adds:

One of the reasons “Higgs Boson” sounds so funny is that “boson” sounds like a fusion of “bozo” with “moron.” I predict “boson” will become an insult of choice, and that its use will eventually be made punishable as hate speech.

LA replies:

I thought boson sounded like bison.

- end of initial entry -

LA writes:

The title of this entry reminds me of my March 2001 Newsmax article, “The Revelation of Nihilism.”

Patrick H. replies to LA:

“Boson” is indeed pronounced with a hard “s”, like “bison.” However, in practice, it tends to slip into “bozon,” at least with English speakers. I believe it is also heard that way by most English listeners, even when it is fully pronounced.

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