A leading leftist’s goal for the white race

Larry T. writes:

There’s a profile of the demented Jane Fonda in May 9 issue of The New Yorker (not online). You’ll be happy to know that after a lifetime of being victimized by powerful men, she has found herself, is loved, and is content with her life. [LA replies: Once every five or ten years Fonda emerges with a new book and a bunch of TV interviews informing the world that she has just now finally found herself and is happy.]

There’s an anecdote about the wedding of the son of Fonda and her second husband, Tom Hayden.

As the evening progressed, the parents of both the bride and groom made speeches. Speaking off the cuff, Garity’s father, the political activist and politician Tom Hayden, who was Fonda’s second husband (neither parent want Troy to bear the weight of a famous last name), said that he was especially happy about his son’s union with Bent, who is black, because, among other things, it was “another step in a long-term goal of mine: the peaceful, nonviolent disappearance of the white race.

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