Media engaging in open character assassination

Even as Herman Cain is making apparently unsubstantiated charges that Rick Perry is orchestrating the sex “harassment” smear campaign against him, and the Perry campaign is accusing the Romney campaign of being behind it, the liberal media continue their despicable campaign to tar Cain with vague and unsubstantiated charges of sex “harassment.”

Consider this, from today’s New York Times:

One of the two women whose accusations of sexual harassment led to a paid severance agreement has decided against speaking publicly about her side of the story, her lawyer said Wednesday. The lawyer, Joel P. Bennett, said he would instead ask the restaurant association on Thursday to allow him to release a statement on his client’s behalf that would make it clear, without violating a confidentiality agreement she signed, that her version of events is different from the account that Mr. Cain has offered.

Mr. Bennett said the statement would not go into minute details of her experience with Mr. Cain. “It’s unpleasant and it’s sensational and she does not want to do that,” he said in an interview. He added, “She has a life to live and a career, and she doesn’t want to become another Anita Hill.” [LA replies: So, she gets to allege all kinds of vague horribles against Cain, without having to say what these horribles were.]

Chris Wilson, who worked as a pollster at the association, recalled in an interview that an incident involving a woman at a suburban Washington restaurant had made several observers uncomfortable. He would not say what Mr. Cain said to the woman or whether she responded at the time. He did not provide any other details. [LA replies: Nice, hmm? Cain did something terrible, but we won’t say what it was.]

“If she comes out and talks about it, like I said, it’ll probably be the end of his campaign,” Mr. Wilson said in an earlier radio interview on KTOK in Oklahoma, where he lives. “It was only a matter of time, because so many people were aware of what took place, so many people were aware of her situation—the fact she left. Everybody knew, with the campaign, that this would eventually come up.” [LA replies: Even for the New York Times, this represents a shocking new low. They quote Wilson saying that there is some terrible truth about Cain that would destroy his candidacy if it were known, but they don’t require that this truth be stated. They just go ahead and print his fact-free smear.]

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