VFR on the homosexualization of the U.S. military

On the morning of December 18, 2010, the Senate voted for cloture on the bill to repeal the prohibition of homosexuals in the U.S. armed forces. That afternoon, the bill itself was passed. Below are entries posted between December 18, 2010 and January 8, 2011 on this revolutionary event—a revolutionary victory for the left which, as discussed in the entries posted after December 24, so-called conservatives acceded to and in many cases actively supported.

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Meanwhile, disaster: homosexualization of military will go to vote in Democratic majority Senate

A ruinous event in the history of the United States

DADT repeal, cont.

What Congress passed in 1993 was not “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,” but a law prohibiting homosexual conduct in the armed services

The “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” law never existed

Text of 1993 law that restated and codified the exclusion of homosexuals from the armed forces—the law that the Congress has just repealed

The Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repeal Act of 2010

Heterosexual troops will have to shower and bunk with homosexuals

Marine Corps commandant says fidelity to the Constitution requires him turn the Marines into the gay Marines

Feminist celebrates the end of men

Allowing homosexuals in the military will be like the 1964 Civil Rights Act: the mere beginning of an unending assault on society

How times have changed

On the homosexualization of the U.S. armed forces—a miscellany

“For then shall be great tribulation…”

One of the biggest and most consequential conservative failures in recent times

Sorry, all you conservative patriots out there, but a man would have to be crazy to want to serve in today’s military

A former fighter pilot who wouldn’t want to serve today

Thoughts on the failures of conservatism

“Conservative” Republican senator explains why he voted for homosexualization of the military

Liberal juggernaut, indifferent conservatives

Reflections on the revolution in America

Commentary writer declares homosexualization of the military to be “irrelevant”

How is an officially homosexual U.S. military going to win the hearts and minds of Muslims? Have the neocons thought about that?

What was prohibited, is now in charge; what was in charge, is now prohibited

Biden says homosexual “marriage” is “inevitable”

Some military officers still opposing repeal of homosexual prohibition

The new “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” regime—directed at the critics of homosexualism

UPDATE, July 20, 2011: When this collection was first posted, on December 29, 2010, it included only articles from between December 18 and December 24, which focused on the so-called “repeal of DADT” and the real nature of what was being repealed, which was not DADT but a federal statute prohibiting homosexual conduct in the U.S. military. Today I am adding further articles that were posted between December 24, 2010 and January 8, 2011. These bring out the most disturbing and portentous aspect of this victory for the left: that the conservative movement had no real opposition to it and largely went along with it.

Acceptance of homosexuals + military uniformity = a homosexualized military [A reader’s keen insight.]

The neocons consummate their unresisted rape of conservatism [Jonah Goldberg supports the homosexualization of the military.]

[Does the new policy of inclusion include the transgendered? ] What have conservatives said about the homosexualization of the military? (Answer: very little, except to accept it.)

The awful truth: an almost total conservative silence on the homosexualization of the military

Why conservatives are empty suits [“liberalism causes the emptying out of everything its touches, and thus tends to turn everyone into an empty suit”

[Even many of the so-called opponents of homosexualization of the armed forces barely oppose it]

The homosexualization of the military removes fundamental obstacles to the homosexualization of marriage

The Silence of the Lambs [“In their mindless decision to ‘triage’ liberal threats to America, treating some threats as worth opposing, and others as not (a theme I have been hearing from many conservatives lately, including readers of this site), the conservatives have opened the door to fearsome advances on the part of the leftist agenda, even as they congratulate themselves on the triumph of conservatism.”]

“Only the religious right remains to defend Western civilization”

Thoughts on the conservatives’ surrender

The greatest conservative betrayal [“The failures of conservatism have been a central thread in my thought during my twenty years as a conservative writer…. But this conservative betrayal, in its sheer suddenness and its sweeping quality, dwarfs them all. Seventeen years ago conservatives stood like a stone wall against Clinton’s attempt to open the military to homosexuals, and won. Today, they don’t give a damn, and stand indifferent and detached in the face of this portentous victory for the homosexual rights movement, a victory which opens up incalculable new opportunities for the homosexualization of American life and institutions…. How can one feel any trust, not to mention any respect or kinship, for “conservatives” who lightly give in to the left on such a mighty issue? If they could surrender on THIS, there is NOTHING they won’t surrender on. Just give them enough time.”]

Investor’s Business Daily on homosexuals in the military [The right-wing editorial writers of IBD have no problem with it.]

Bush’s role in the disaster

An officer who has resigned his commission to protest the homosexualization of the military

Who was more at fault—Bush or the conservatives? [Lydia McGrew replies to my point that it was primarily the conservative movement, not G.W. Bush, that was responsible for Bush’s failure to overturn Clinton’s DADT order and restore the straightforward meaning of the 1993 law prohibiting homosexuality in the military.]

Star Parker, traditionalist conservative

The Breaker Morant of the sexualized U.S. military

How the Continental Army dealt with sodomy

Palin approvingly quotes lesbian “conservative” Tammy Bruce’s threat to “look under the bed” of people who oppose the homosexualization of the military

Stix: in surrendering on the homosexualization issue, the GOP has committed suicide

Francis Schaeffer on the loss of distinctions [Schaeffer said decades ago that “philosophic homosexuality” is result of rejection of distinctions.]

Meaning of Palin “retweet” of Bruce remark still unclear Obama’s next planned steps to homosexualize America

The coming ruin of the armed forces—and of whatever else is left of not-yet-thoroughly liberalized America

Sad as hell and not taking it any more [“The conservative collapse on the homosexuals in the military issue has discouraged me more than any past issue I can think of. I have always combined my severe criticisms of the mainstream conservatives with praise for them and expressions of solidarity with them when they have taken worthwhile stands. But after this near-total collapse, and, worse, indifference, in the face of a major leftward victory, I feel I can’t believe in the conservative movement any more at all. It has no credibility. It’s an empty shell. And that is forcing me to re-think some things.”]

An inevitable result of the supposedly harmless innovation of homosexual “marriage”

Casey says Army is considering putting women in combat units Palin—a supporter of the homo-thug left?

While clueless conservatives blabber about “political correctness,” the left, with Tarquin’s ravishing strides, towards its design moves like a ghost [On the larger blindness and ineffectiveness of the “right.”]

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