How could we have stopped Hmong shamans from operating in California hospitals?

A female reader recently said to me that it’s unnecessary as well as wrong to focus on the race of immigrants, because all America had to do to prevent the current multicultural catastrophe was to remain true to its ideals of individual rights and equality before the law and not give in to group rights.

I would like to ask the reader, how would a devotion to individual rights have prevented what is recounted below—a California hospital bringing in Hmong shamans for their Hmong patients? Before answering the question, the reader should recall that when an entire ethnic community forcefully demands that something be done according to its customs, and refuses to accept the mainstream society’s customs, it becomes very difficult for the mainstream society not to give the group what it wants.

I would also ask the reader, what would a person devoted to individual rights have to say in response to the angry Hmong commenter, who feels that the Hmong are being unfairly attacked as Hmong just for having their own customs, and that this goes against America which has all kinds of people?

Kathlene M. writes:

Brenda Walker wrote an interesting piece at Vdare recently on how a Merced, California hospital is bringing in Hmong shamans for their Hmong patients. What I find most interesting about such news articles is the reader’s comment section. That’s where I found this gem (I’ve highlighted some parts of interest):

mslyndalis wrote on October, 12 2:07 AM:

WOW! I don’t know why and how people can be so RACIST to be talking all these bad things about us HMONG peoples. It’s our belief. Isn’t this country, a country of FREEDOM? Doesn’t the commandment gives us the right to choose what religion we want to believe in? Do we go around talking bad things about other religion or your religion? (peoples that are writing their bad comments). Thanks to those who understand and to those who don’t understand, you guys are just not happy. Try to find some love in your life so you don’t have to go around talking bad about others. Also, grow up this is the year 2009, we are all living in a country full peoples from all over the world. GET USE TO IT! Not only peoples with blonde hair and blue eyes are americans. WE ARE ALL CONSIDER TO BE AN AMERICAN!!!

Now contrast that to this bad news that came out in the San Francisco Chronicle today, reporting that California’s math scores are among the lowest in the nation:

The state’s scores reflect a disproportionate percentage of students who historically post the lowest scores. California’s school population includes a greater percentage of English learners, low-income students and Hispanic students in the assessment—students who on average score well below their peers across the country. For example, 30 percent of the state’s students tested were English learners compared to 10 percent nationwide.

Put simply, a tsunami of unassimilated Third World peoples and their cultures overtaking the U.S. equals Third World nation in about a generation.

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