Derbyshire—another defeatist

John Derbyshire writing at National Review Online has an article on the browning of America. The nonwhite population has just passed 100 million, according to the New York Times. Non-Hispanic whites are down to 67 percent of the population, eight percent lower than when I wrote The Path to National Suicide in 1990, and 22 percent lower than when the 1965 Immigration Reform Act was signed into law by President Lyndon Johnson. But Derbyshire, as befits his nihilistic profile, looks at this catastrophe—a catastrophe for America, for Western civilization, for the white race, and for the whole world—in merely passive terms. He asks questions like, “How will a majority nonwhite young workforce feel about paying out income and Social Security taxes for the sustenance of old, white Anglos?,” and, “As white Anglos decline into a minority, will we see the rise of white-Anglo race consciousness?” And he concludes: “Things have gone so far now that there is very little we can do but wait and see.”

When Derbyshire says things like this, he reveals himself to be a mere spectator of America, rather than a participant in a battle for national existence. And he shows that his high anger at the Wall Street Journal open-borders crowd today at the Corner was just a bit of emotional theater.

Personally, I’m not in the slightest degree interested in answering sociological questions such as how will the browns feel about the whites, and how will the whites feel about the browns. I’m interested in the majority population of this country waking up out of its torpor, rediscovering its historic identity, and starting to assert and defend its existence once again. And when that awakening occurs, we will find that there is much more we can do than just sit and wait as the night comes falling from the sky.

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