More critiques of the affidavit in fhe Zimmerman case

After a hiatus of a few days, many further critiques and comments have been added to the entry, “Critiques of the Zimmerman affidavit.”

And in a related question, how is it that Angela Corey still remains the prosecutor in the case, how is it that no responsible figure has called for her removal from the case, given the gross, palpable bias in favor of Trayvon Martin’s family that she not only demonstrated in her press conference last week, but boasted of?

But wait, I already answered that question, didn’t I?

[E]very other horror is accepted as normal today, so why not this one?

And when we look at the long haired 30 year old blonde who is Florida’s attorney general, why should we assume that Corey’s wildly improper intrusion of personal emotion into her job will be seen as improper?

The indictment of Zimmerman for murder is perhaps as much a result of Female-Run America as it is of Black-Run America

And in a later entry I wrote:

There doesn’t have to be any factual basis for the charge, because this case has nothing to do with facts. It is a raw act of power by a Communist-style ideological regime isolating and punishing an ideological enemy—or rather an innocent unfortunate whom the regime for its own purposes has cast as an ideological enemy. That is what America has now become. We have become a leftist, ideological state, and there is no serious force in the society to oppose the ruling leftism….

Of course we may hope that the charges against Zimmerman will be dropped before trial, or that he will be acquitted at trial. But, in my opinion, given what America now is, there is no reason to expect those good outcomes. Liberal and black America has its jaws clenched on a major sacrificial victim, the blood is dripping from its lips, and it is not going to let him go.

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