Twelve years after she was disfigured and mutilated in acid attack, 33 year old Pakistani woman commits suicide

The story is at the Daily Mail. It’s too horrible to read the whole thing.

Why did her husband (who says he’s innocent, but who else would have had a motive to do it?) do it? Was it because Pakistan has been under despotic rule and lacks democracy (George W. Bush)? Was it because the Israelis occupy Palestinian land, making all Muslims righteously or insanely violent (the entire Western left)? Was it because Islam was “left behind” by the West 500 years ago, giving Muslims an inferiority complex (Bernard Lewis)? Was it because of American imperialism in Muslim countries (the anti-war left and anti-war right)? Was it because the West hasn’t “done enough” to help Muslim immigrants in the West assimilate (various liberal theorists)? Was it because “political” Islam, a.k.a. Islamism, which is bad, has temporarilly usurped the place of “traditional” Islam, which is good (mainstream conservatives)? Was it because Muslims marry their cousins (Steve Sailer)? Was it because Muslim men are sexually frustrated (the HBD’ers)? Was it because Muslims are bent out of shape by Western Islam critics’ criticisms of Islam (Dinesh D’Souza)? Was it—?

There are just some of the many non-Islamic reasons Western intellectuals, who are uninterested in reality and care only about their pet theories, have invented to explain the existence of Islamic evil. They’re all false. The reason for Islamic evil is that Islam is evil.

What then is to be done about it? What every sensible Western leader and thinker said throughout history, until modern liberalism and the belief in One Humanity destroyed the West’s mind: drive Islam back, keep it back, and seal it off in its own world, where it cannot affect ours.

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