Accumulating insights about what has happened in Britain

In the latter part of the day, perhaps by way of relaxing from weightier issues, I posted several entries about relative trivialities of the U.S. presidential campaign. Don’t let those more recent entries distract you from the items posted earlier in the day mainly about the British event; even the American items among them fit into an overall sequence of ideas related to what is happening in Britain. I hope the below “collection” doesn’t seem a bit much, but I thought some readers might find it valuable. The entries are (in chronological order, the reverse of blog entry order as it appears on the page):

Right out of Atlas Shrugged: Government pays millions for empty flights to rural airports

Where is Queen Elizabeth, what is Queen Elizabeth?

What welfare recipients get in Britain

Los Angeles Times writer accuses Bachmann of following a bizarre cult—Christian conservatism

Now we know how all those downtrodden, desperate rioters owned BlackBerries

How a British liberal atheist novelist thinks that the savage violence unleashed by British liberal atheism can be ended

Another Randian recognizing the existence of group differences that matter

For the British, the only people who have the moral legitimacy to use force against nonwhite rioters are—other nonwhites

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