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(Note: a reader chastises me for my incorrect guess as to the race of the victim, and I reply.)

In the previous entry I said I thought it was overwhelmingly likely that the victims in the gang rape in West Palm Beach were white. I was wrong. According to a comment at Riehl World View, the victims were Haitian immigrants:

The mother is educated and they are practicing Catholics, described as good, decent people. They are legal Haitian immigrants who were temporarily living in the project. They kept to themselves and chose not to associate with the “hip-hop” element. This may have been why they were targeted for attack by the perpetrators, all described as black male teenagers.

Here’s where my thought process was mistaken. I was thinking that when blacks commit particularly horrible crimes like this, crimes that contain some extra, gratuitous element of sheer destruction of the victims for no reason but to destroy, it’s likely a racial crime against whites. I had forgotten the utter savagery that blacks release against other blacks, such as in civil wars in Africa several years ago, where soldiers of one side would chop off the arms—both arms—of children. The predators in the black population are of course a danger to everyone, including other blacks, and numerically blacks suffer the most from black violence. But given that crimes such as murder are normally directed against acquaintances, and thus against people of the same race as the perpetrator, the percentage of black murders in this society in which the victims are white, and particularly black on white crimes that involve gratuitous savagery against the victime, is far higher than would be expected from a strictly non-racial view of the matter.


Here is a detailed account of the crime, along with photos of the perpetrators. Don’t read this unless you’re in a strong mood. It is from a website called People You’ll See in Hell, not a news source. It’s so detailed and specific I assume the writer got his information from regular news sources, but I can’t vouch for that. (Also, this website has many entries on the crime and on Dunbar Village, the housing project where the crime took place.)

Gang Rape In Dunbar Village In West Palm Beach, Florida

On the 18th of June in 2007, at 9 in the evening, a 35-year-old woman came home to her apartment in the Dunbar Village housing project in West Palm Beach, Florida. She had just finished up a long day of delivering telephone books and she was tired.

She had immigrated to the United States in 2000 from Haiti with her then five-year-old son, hoping for a better life.

Before she went upstairs to bed, she and her son had started to make something downstairs in the kitchen for dinner when there was a knock at the door.

A young black male was at the door, his hair in braids. The teenager told her that her truck had a few flat tires and that she should come and look at them.

Following the apparent “good samaritan” outside, she hadn’t taken more than a few steps when three teenagers—all wearing masks and all carrying guns—pointed the weapons at her and told her to get back into her apartment.

They hit her, knocking her to the floor. They pushed her son down to the floor as well.

They demanded money, which she didn’t have.

Incensed at the lack of easy money in the apartment, the four boys beat the woman and her son, stripped the woman of her clothing, took her to the bedroom and raped her over and over, with each boy taking his turn.

Her son was held at gunpoint, forced to watch.

As they raped and sodomized her, she cried out in pain and fear.

Nobody came to help, not then, not when she heard her son cry out when they stripped him naked as well, sporadically breaking lightbulbs and plates on his head.

Up to five other teenagers did arrive, but they had come to join in on the raping and cruelty.

These other teenagers also raped and sodomized the woman, recording it all for posterity on a cell phone.

Eventually, after everyone had their turn with the woman in her upstairs bedroom, they brought her son upstairs at gunpoint. Holding a gun to the 12-year-old’s head, the gang forced his mother to perform oral sex on him.

It is unclear as to whether or not mother and son were forced to have sex with each other.

When everyone had finished abusing the woman sexually, they forced her into the bathtub, which they filled with vinegar and water. They poured common household cleaning products over her, such as hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover and ammonia-based cleaning solution.

Some ammonia was also thrown into her son’s eyes.

They forced a bar of soap into her vagina, hoping to remove physical evidence.

While they were doing this, the gang also threw ammonia into her son’s eyes.

After the group was convinced that they had disposed of the evidence, someone suggested setting the mother and her son on fire. After searching for—but not finding—a lighter, the group left, warning the pair that if they got out of the tub, they’d be killed.

30 minutes later, while the mother and her son were still in the tub, crying in pain, one of the teenagers returned to sexually assault the woman one more time. He wrote a man’s name and 6-CO—a different man and a different gang than the one that had gang-raped this family—on a piece of paper, telling her that he could be found on Sixth street.

As he left, he took the Playstation 2 with him.

The woman and her son stayed in the apartment for two hours after the attack. Nobody came to investigate the screams, nobody called the police for help.

Because their assailants had stolen their cell phone, their home phone and their fax machine, they were unable to call for assistance themselves.

It was a long walk to the Good Samaritan Medical Center, but they walked the mile together, two hours after the attack ended.

They were badly injured. The 12-year-old had to be immobilized for more than two days on his hospital bed, with bandages covering both eyes and a two-inch gash on the top of his skull.

There was a mild public outcry.

Dunbar Village Rapists14-year-old Avion Lawson was the first to be arrested. He confessed after investigators let him know that his DNA had been found in a condom recovered at the apartment. While being driven to the Juvenile Assessment Center, Avion called some friends and laughingly told them what was going on. Avion Lawson has been charged with armed sexual battery by multiple perpetrators, armed home invasion, aggravated battery and sexual assault.

The next idiot to be picked up was 16-year-old Nathan Walker. Nathan Walker is a seventh-grade dropout, who called it quits after failing three times. His fingerprint was found at the apartment and his DNA was found on the outside of the condom Avion Lawson had used. When Nathan Walker was brought into the police station, he flipped out, throwing chairs at the walls until guards were able to put him in handcuffs and leg restraints.

On July 15th, Jakaris Taylor, a 15-year-old whose younger brother played with the 12-year-old he assaulted, was arrested. During interrogation, he was asked why he didn’t stop his friends, to which he replied, “I don’t know.” When he was asked why he did it, he shrugged his shoulders.

The latest rapist to be charged is 18-year-old Tommy Lee Poindexter, who was, on August 16th, indicted by a grand jury that saw “unspecified physical evidence” and charged him with sexual battery, kidnapping and burglary.—14 counts in all.

Although Mr. Poindexter denied being involved and his mother, 44-year-old Harriet Rodgers, has claimed her precious Tommy was at home with her that night, the evidence prosecutors presented was considered “fairly damning.”

Prosecutors are chomping at the bit, pledging to ask for the maximum penalty for all the teens involved and refusing to entertain the idea of plea bargains for anyone.

Despite the youth of the individuals involved, they all face the possibility of life in an adult prison.

No juvenile hall for these dogs.

West Palm Beach police spokesman Peter Robbins told the press, “We’re certainly developing more suspects and anticipate more arrests.”

Too bad the death penalty is off the table in this particular instance. Life in prison seems too good.

Want to do a background check? Has he been arrested? What’s his credit like? Is he really a millionaire with houses all over the world? Is he being sued? Find out all this and more here.

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- end of initial entry -

KB, a female reader, writes:

I really think you need to write something more about your mistake there. I have never been “creeped out” by your focus on black-on-white crime, as the Sailer commenter put it, before now, but the fact that you could be so knowledgeable about the issue and miss the glaring fact that it is black women and children who suffer most from Western society’s refusal to police blacks is really pretty creepy.

LA replies:

I didn’t state is as a fact. I made a guess, and gave my reasons for the guess. I’ve said my guess was mistaken and discussed what I missed. I don’t want to make the excuse than in blogging one is often working very fast and writes things more or less spontaneously that would not be the case when writing reqular articles for a regular publication. I don’t want to use that excuse, because I’m responsible for what I say and for mistakes I make. Mistakes are a part of blogging, and all one can do is admit a mistake and correct it and try not to make it again. Because of a couple of mistaken assumptions I had made in the past about the race of perpetrators, I’ve generally avoided, in more recent entries, making assumptions about the race of the perpetrators until more definite information was in. This time I made a wrong guess, but it concerned the race of the victim rather than of the perpetrators. I don’t recall having made that particular mistake before.

Remember also that in many crime stories the race of some or all of the parties is not provided, and one must guess. For example, there was a recent story about a town in Virginia where two women were raped. The criminal was evidently black, and the victims, from the context, seemed to be white. And I think I assumed they were white without knowing for a fact that they were white. In many cases the media reports are not going to tell us the race of the perpetrators and victims, leaving us with the choice of either acting like the rest of self-blinded liberal society and treating racial crimes as though they were non-racial, or making an educated inference—and identifying it as an inference—based on many similar crimes.

As for the need to be more concerned about black victims of blacks, when American society attempts to increase the policing of blacks in black communities, it is accused of racism.

The reality is, blacks will always suffer the most from black violence. What can whites do about that? The best thing whites can do about that is the same thing that they need to do to protect themselves from black violence, which is to reinstate white leadership of society and a culture of traditional morality, meaning a culture in which the normative standard is sex within marriage and children grow up with fathers who are married to their mothers. To many people, those ideas sound uber creepy.

There is, in brief, no “non-racist,” “non-creepy” way that whites can protect themselves OR BLACKS from black violence.

December 16

KB replies to LA’s reply to her:

First of all, I used the word “creepy” as a riff off of its use by that Steve Sailer commenter. I do not generally think that your focus on any kind of crime is creepy; what is truly disturbing is the mass refusal to acknowledge the reality of interracial violence.

Second of all, I don’t think whites as a group should do anything at all or even are in a position to. I do think that it’s important to correct constantly for our own biases and see and communicate the truth, even when it doesn’t immediately suit our propaganda needs. The truth is that black people suffer the most from black violence, not white people. If you read about a grotesque sexual crime committed by black men or boys, and you assume the victim is white, most of the time you are going to be wrong. It’s not good to have a wrong picture about the way the world really is. [LA replies: You are absolutely correct.]

I also think that people who read sites like yours, and American Renaissance, have a tendency to start believing we are all much weaker and more vulnerable than we really are. Yes, black on white crime is underreported. [LA replies: I would say that it’s not that it’s underreported; each crime is reported as a crime, and often it’s possible to tell what the race of the respective parties is. What’s virtually entirely missing is the acknowledgment that each black on white crime is a black on white crime and that there is an endless amount of black on white crime of a specific character that goes beyond what we would expect just from the statistical fact of blacks and whites living in the same society.] Yes, it is a real risk for some whites. But it is obvious when you compare the likelihood that a white person will be the victim of black crime to the likelihood that a black person will be the victim of black crime, and even further, if you look at the resources generally available to white people as a group to protect themselves and their children from such crime to those available to black people as a group, that white people are fully capable of protecting ourselves from a threat that black people, particularly poor women and children, have hanging over their heads all the time. [LA replies: I occasionally cover crimes in which nonwhites are the victims, but I repeat, for the reasons already given, that that is not a particular concern of mine. The society regularly acknowledges black on black crime and wonders what to do about it. The society does NOT acknowledge black on white crime and wonder what to do about it. To the contrary, whites are taught never to look at the fact or conceptualize the fact that the black population contains an extraordinary number of dangerous predators, that many of these predators target whites, and that whites need to be especially careful when dealing with blacks. Because of this systematic white self-brainwashing, we have, e.g., Manhattan Realtor Linda Stein who hired a black woman Natavia Lowery as a personal assistant and was murdered by her; the female medical researcher in Atlanta who let a young black man up unescorted to her apartment, saying, “we don’t want him to think we’re suspicious of him,” and he promptly murdered her; the woman who ignored her concerns about a black man loitering in a parking lot because she “didn’t want to seem racist,” and he kidnapped and raped her; the young white woman who bicycled alone into the black area of New Orleans at night and was murdered, and innumerable whites who have been robbed, raped, and killed simply because they put themselve without defense in the presence or vicinity of black people, which, if they had been aware of the ever-present danger that significant elements in the black population pose to whites, and had not suppressed that awareness out of fear of being racist or out of a conviction that whites are guilty and therefore have no right to defend themselves from blacks, they would not have done.]

It is weird, and yes, creepy, to read anything that suggests white people are being victimized to the same extent as poor black women. It fosters a victim mentality and it is based in untruth. [LA replies: I don’t think I have ever suggested that white people are being victimized to the same extend at poor black women. I have never made such comparisons. The fact that my primary focus is on the well being of the white race and its civilization and that the plight of black women is not particularly on my radar, does not mean that I am saying that whites are being victimized in the same way and to the same extent as black women.] It is also a little weird to suggest that simply acknowledging this reality—most black crime victimizes other black people—leads necessarily to the assertion that white people are responsible for doing anything about it.

LA replies:

The last is a fair point. And I am concerned about crime and moral chaos generally, not just as it harms whites. I am concerned about the well being of blacks in that I have said a hundred times that the human misery and moral chaos brought about by mass illegitimacy and other disorders in the black community can only be ended by a return to something like traditional morality, as weird and way-out as that idea sounds to many people in today’s culture. However, I repeat once again that my primary concern is the well being of whites, who (1) are targeted by the combination of white racial blindness and racially motivated black predation and vengeance in a way that blacks are not, and (2) are our people, which blacks for the most part are not. There are individual blacks who are good or non-offensive Americans. But the reality is that as a community black America is a hostile and unassimilable nation within a nation and is becoming more hostile and unassimilable all the time. White America has been far too worried about the well being of black America which hates it with an unappeasable hatred and gets pleasure from seeing it brought down. Arguably there has been a direct relation between the amount of concern white Amerca has about black America, and the distintegration of black America and of America as a whole. I seek a new politics in which whites, while believing in the moral law as it applies to all people, are openly and explicitly concerned about their own well being and the threats to it coming from other peoples. If you’re concerned about the well being of black America, then the most important thing is a stable, well-functioning and law abiding society. And for there to be such a society, the culture of the racial majority must be sound and strong. And for the racial majority to be sound and strong, it cannot be bent out of shape about what a backward and hostile racial minority feels about it. It must lead.

December 17

Laura Wood writes:

KB writes:

… if you look at the resources generally available to white people as a group to protect themselves and their children from such crime to those available to black people as a group, that white people are fully capable of protecting ourselves from a threat that black people, particularly poor women and children, have hanging over their heads all the time.

Whites are far more impotent to protect themselves. They can only erect barricades or avoid certain areas. Blacks are the parents, uncles, aunts, cousins and close friends of these criminals. The greatest deterrents against crime are social ostracism and a culture of shame. Shame is rarely publicly expressed by the relatives or friends of black criminals. Do they feel any shame? Obama has accused whites of causing black crime. Blacks did not speak out against this or state that this attitude poses a danger to vulnerable blacks. Why don’t they support black leaders who shame these criminals? Compassion for the victims in their midst demands it.

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