Angela Corey’s gross siding with Trayvon’s parents

Kevin G. writes:

Here is more Angela Corey, from the official release of her press briefing.

It begins:

Good evening everyone, I am Angela Corey, special prosecutor for the Trayvon Martin case. Just moments ago, we spoke by phone with Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton. Three weeks ago our prosecution team promised those sweet parents we would get answers to all of their questions, no matter where our quest for the truth led us. And it is the search for justice for Trayvon that has led us to this night.

She later says:

We thank all of those who have sent positive energy and prayers our way. We ask you to continue to pray for our team as well as Tracy and Sybrina and the rest of Trayvon’s family. We thank Mr. Crump and Mr. Parks for their daily assistance in communicating with our victim’s family. We also ask everyone to refrain from any pre-judging this case before due diligence and due process takes its course.

I can hardly believe my eyes. “Those sweet parents”? “Positive energy and prayers” for “our team as well as Tracy and Sybrina and the rest of Trayvon’s family”? If Messrs Crump and Parks were in daily communication with her office, why did Corey need to meet with “those sweet parents”? And then she dares to ask people to “refrain from pre-judging this case”? The horse has already left that barn.

BTW, here is the official homepage for the Florida Attorney General’s Office. It has a photo of the Attorney General.

Attorney General Pam Bondi

This is the face of Florida justice.

LA replies:

First, Kidist has more photos of Florida’s twenty-something-looking Attorney General below.

Second, I’m stunned. I don’t see how Corey can continue on the case after this. She has wildly prejudiced the case against the defendant. Any half competent defense attorney will at the least call for her to be removed. Plus her indictment of Zimmerman is thrown into question as the act of an obviously interested party.

But … every other horror is accepted as normal today, so why not this one?

And when we look at the long haired 30 year old blonde who is Florida’s attorney general, why should we assume that Corey’s wildly improper intrusion of personal emotion into her job will be seen as improper?

The indictment of Zimmerman for murder is perhaps as much a result of Female-Run America as it is of Black-Run America

I have often said that coming under black rule is a fate worse than death. Maybe we should add that coming under the rule of women is not much better.

- end of initial entry -

Kidist Paulos Asrat writes:

The Florida Attorney General looks like a twenty-something, but she’s actually 46 years old.

Still, I wouldn’t want to be in her line of fire, so to speak.

And I think it is sad that elderly statesmen have to look like this (mostly I think it is a natural, respectful deferment to a woman—the same instinct that lets them open doors for women). I don’t think he would look like that beside a younger man.

But even the much younger Israeli Consulate General to Miami cannot help this protective lean in her presence.

And here’s another goofy smile by the esteemed Israeli Supreme Court Justice Elyakim Rubinstein as he stands next to her.

And here she is on the senate floor in power stilettos, a tight skirt, a sloppy red satin shirt, and the mandatory flowing blond hair.

She is planning to get married in the spring to her long-time (live-in) boyfriend next spring, who is another insipid-looking male who has a woman in a higher position than he is as his “partner.”

Here’s when she’s taking the oath for the Senate in January 2011, with the a cross pendant hypocritically prominent around her neck (hypocritical because she has a live-in boyfriend stashed in her apartment). Her “fiance” stands next to her with another of those goofy smiles.

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