Bachmann doesn’t think it’s the end

This morning I posted an entry entitled, “The End.” Is Michele Bachmann reading me? She sent out an e-mail late this afternoon with the subject line:

Today is a beginning, not the end.

It’s an appeal to elect a Republican majority, including Bachmann, so as to repeal Obamacare. Here it is (I’ve left out the fund-raising parts):

Dear Fellow Conservative,

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

Those were words my mother drilled into me as a child growing up. After the events of this morning, this has never been more true: to get rid of Obamacare, we’re going to have to fight.

As the leader against Obamacare in the United States Congress, my laser focus on its repeal will only grow stronger in the months ahead. From the very day that it was passed in the dark of night, I was clear that the only way to ensure the demise of Obamacare was to repeal it. Now that the Supreme Court has failed to rule it unconstitutional, we only have one option: we must repeal Obamacare! And to do this I need your immediate support.

Will you join me today by committing to:

1) Defeating Barack Obama 2) Capturing a conservative majority in the United States Senate 3) Committing to funding my re-election campaign to ensure we maintain control of Congress

The American people have said time and time again that they are opposed to the huge government intrusion and massive spending posed by Obamacare. But, the Supreme Court isn’t accountable to popular opinion. That’s the job of Congress and the President. And, because I’m confident that the people are on our side, I’m going to make it my #1 priority to make repeal of Obamacare and create millions of new jobs the primary issue of this election—and to take back our government.

You see, with a win today and election victories in November, Democrats will use their momentum to enact other disastrous policies like cap and trade, card-check, and more taxpayer funded abortions—even chasing the single-payer healthcare option they’ve longed for to replace the individual mandate.

While Democrats are celebrating a victory today, they don’t know what we know: starting today, we’re going to work harder than ever towards a victory in November. Because you and I know what is at stake.

We know that the prospect of our liberty being lifted forcefully from our hands is a real possibility. But like our forefathers before us, we will fight this to the end.

It’s easy to be demoralized by what seems to be a step back, but we should look at today as the beginning, not the end. With a clear vision of what is on the line, our fight to take back our liberty starts today. With a resounding victory in November, not only can we repeal Obamacare, but we can turn the tide of the economy by enacting the common-sense conservative policies that we know will create jobs and prosperity in America….

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