A singular moment and day

It is now 11:11:11 on 11/11/11.

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Buck writes:

Funny. I sent this right at 11:11 and was shooting for 11:11:11.

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From: buck
Sent: Friday, November 11, 2011 11:11 AM
Subject: 11:11,11.11.11

This must be a big day for numerologists.

For non-military types there will be another 11:11, 11.11.11 in twelve hours. Then, it’s another 100 years.

The last one, 100 years ago, was an eventful day. There was “an almost supernatural event.” Temperatures dropped by more than 60 degrees during the day. They called it the Great Blue Norther. It was a cold snap that hit the U.S. causing blizzards and tornadoes as well as record falls in temperature. In Kansas City, it was 76 in the morning and 11 degrees by the end of the day.

There was no income tax, Al Gore wasn’t born yet, and manmade global warming hadn’t been invented. Back then, weather was deemed a “natural” event, “almost supernatural.” America wasn’t deemed guilty yet.

Happy Veteran’s Day.

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