The beginning of the end of white guilt?

Paul Kersey at SBPDL quotes another story, from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Witnesses told WTMJ-AM (620) that dozens to hundreds of young black people were beating white people as they left the fair late Thursday night….

“It looked like they were just going after white guys, white people,” Norb Roffers of Wind Lake told WTMJ-AM….

One eyewitness, a concession worker who works near the midway area, told the Journal Sentinel that large groups of African-American youths ran through the midway area, knocking over young children and adults, disrupting midway rides and tearing signs up.

“I have never seen anything like it,” the worker said. “It was mob mentality.”

Kersey continues:

All across this nation today, white guilt started to evaporate. Quickly. People reading this story on Drudge and the hundreds of blogs that will cover it must know that these are not isolated incidents. Blacks have attacked whites all summer, in increasingly large numbers and more daring, brazen raids.

I think it is overly hopeful to say that white guilt has started to evaporate. Nevertheless, Kersey is correct in principle. To the extent that whites learn the unvarnished truth about black behavior and black attitudes, their white guilt does begin to evaporate. Which, of course, is a major reason why the mind controllers of the liberal/conservative establishment must keep them from learning that truth.

In this connection, see my entry from last month, “Why the truth about black dysfunction is so important,” where I wrote: “If whites could see the truth that black incapacity/disorder is not whites’ fault but is inherent in blacks themselves, it could literally save the country, by freeing whites from their suicidal guilt.”

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One Radical writes:

You said, “I think it is overly hopeful to say that white guilt has started to evaporate.”

I agree. I think it may be more accurate to say, “Whites have started to wake up to the reality of black behavior,” but not white-guilted ones. Those who are riddled with white guilt aren’t going to let a little thing like facts, figures and statistics (reality) get in the way. They will always pull from their “racist matrix” to find some causation to justify blacks behaving badly. Human nature says that when you’ve been duped by something (i.e. egalitarianism), you continue to allow yourself to be duped rather than admitting you’re a fool for being duped in the first place. These folks infected with white guilt are too heavily invested to get out now.

But, the white “everyman” is starting to wake from his slumber. It’s the whites who have been politely silent that are now starting to say, “You know what, enough of this.” But as for the white-guilted liberals, I don’t think there’s any hope to change their minds. It’s those everymen who have seen black behavior first hand, remained silent, then watched news report after news report like this, then read the comments following, then realize they’re not alone in acknowledging this reality.

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