The meaning of Salon’s attack on Drudge

Prior to the posting of the previous entry, David B. wrote:

Salon has just attacked Matt Drudge. It is right out of Auster’s First Law of majority-minority relations.

LA replies:

The First Law has several formulations. Here is the one that is most relevant in the current case:

The worse the behavior of nonwhites or non-Westerners, the more racist a white is for noticing it and thinking about it.

- end of initial entry -

Gintas writes:

At what point does the label racist as defined by Liberals mean “non-liberal white man”? I think we’re about there.

Clark Coleman writes:

Matt Drudge’s racism is obvious. He posts links to “urban” riots and melees and brawls and gang attacks, while at the same time he is obviously suppressing all the stories of suburban and rural white riots and gang attacks. I think that Salon magazine should highlight these suburban and rural white riots as a counterpoint to Drudge’s racist emphasis. Salon could post links and keep them at the top of their home web page.

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