Balancing the protection of society with liberalism

KSTP in Minneapolis reports that 13 armed robberies, all following the same m.o., have been committed in the same neighborhood adjoining the University of Minnesota over the last five weeks. Now that’s a pretty serious string of crimes, right? You’d think that the police would do everything possible, including giving physical descriptions of the robbers, to help apprehend them and protect the public, right? But no descriptions of the robbers are given, other than they are “male.”

Here’s a way to understand it. The police sincerely want to catch these robbers. But they also sincerely want to avoid any reference to the robber’s race, as that would be racist. So they avoid giving physical descriptions of the robbers.

It’s the same with our anti-terrorism efforts. The U.S. government sincerely wants to stop and catch terrorists. But it also sincerely wants to avoid doing anything that associates terrorism with Islam. So it suppresses any mention that the terrorists are Muslims.

Now, of course, in both cases, the authorities’ sincere desire to avoid any negative reference to a favored minority group contradicts their sincere desire to protect society from criminals and terrorists. Which means that their desire to protect society from criminals and terrorists is not so sincere … right?

Here’s the article:

Police Investigate String of Robberies Near U of M
Story posted 2011.11.09 at 12:01 AM CST

Minneapolis Police and police at the University of Minnesota are investigating a string of robberies near the University of Minnesota campus.

“It’s night, usually after bar close between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m. you are walking along a dark street,” said Lt. Michael Fossum of the Minneapolis Police Robbery and Assault Unit.

Since Oct. 1, there have been 13 of these crimes in the Marcy Holmes Neighborhood and one in the Prospect Park—East River Road Neighborhood. Two have occurred on campus. In the entire Southeast Minneapolis area, thirty robberies have been reported since September 1.

“They’ll distract them by saying do you know what time it is, can I borrow a cigarette, do you want to buy some marijuana, something that would distract the person and then they would either be sucker punched or robbed at gunpoint,” Fossum said.

Police say the attackers are typically male. Some have acted on their own, while others may be in groups as large as four.

“They are just predators, they are out after the weak and after the intoxicated, and after people that can’t defend themselves,” Fossum said.

In the last week the Minneapolis Police Department and the U of M Police Department have made six arrests of possible robbery suspects.

Police are advising students not to walk alone in the area and to use campus escorts.

Robert B. sent the item with this note:

These are most likely Somalis as it has been them in the past and it is the same modus operandi. It’s also right next to a giant enclave of them—Keith Ellison’s district and constituency.

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