Yet another white (or white Hispanic?) female murdered by her black boyfriend

While official America continues to deny the extreme violence of blacks and to promote the Big Lie that blacks are being put in danger by racist whites, blacks continue to murder whites, day in, day out, often in the most savage ways, yet official America doesn’t notice. It tells whites, especially young white females, that they have nothing to fear from blacks, and that they are racist if they avoid even the most intimate contact with them.

Kayla Castro, aged 16, of Columbus, Georgia, was dating (to use today’s euphemism for sexual intercourse) Benjamin Brantley, aged 18.

Benjamin Brantley and Kayla Castro

Last Saturday night, in Benjamin’s bedroom, he killed Kayla by shooting her in the chest with a sawed-off shotgun. He told police that it was an accident, that “he was walking back to his bedroom with a sawed off shotgun a family member had just returned to him when the gun went off.”

The police aren’t buying it. They’ve charged Brantley with murder.

According to Kayla’s best friend, Amanda Cochran, 15:

… sometimes Kayla would hang out with the wrong crowd, people who did not want to do what’s right, but Kayla always acted properly.

It does not occur to Amanda that one is not acting properly if one is not only hanging out with bad people, but sleeping with them.

But, living in liberal society, how could it occur to her? First, the sexual liberation side of liberalism tells teenagers they should be having active sex lives. Then the racial equality side of liberalism tells them that they shouldn’t discriminate among their sex partners, especially if they are white girls and a black boy or man is interested in them.

Benjamin and Kayla

Liberalism is a factory for the production of dead white females.

Yet the adherents of liberalism think that they represent a higher morality, and that the rest of us are subnormal bigots!

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