The American leaders responsible for the murders of Americans

In a terrific article at, Rick Oltman zeroes in on one illegal alien criminal, Edwin Ramos, and the U.S. politicians who, by allowing him to enter and remain in our country, enabled him to murder three members of a family in broad daylight on the streets of San Francisco in 2008. This is exactly the kind of reporting that is needed, showing the connections between our open borders policies, the politicians who put them into effect, and the specific human and other costs. When a man is run over and killed by a drunken illegal alien driver, when a woman is raped by an illegal alien, we must point to the presidents and officials (not to mention the activists and journalists) whose policies allowed that illegal alien to be in this country. They are responsible, as Oltman says, but never made accountable.

Here is the article (Oltman’s other pieces on immigration at The Examiner are on this page):

Those Responsible Are Rarely Accountable
Rick Oltman

The illegal alien, MS-13 gangbanging, pregnant-woman-assaulting, multiple murderer, Edwin Ramos, has been sentenced to life in California prison for slaughtering three members of the Bologna family with an AK-47 in broad daylight on the streets of San Francisco almost four years ago on June 22, 2008.

Ramos illegally entered the United States in 1999 at the age of thirteen.

A repeat offender, Ramos was never turned over the INS or ICE for deportation. Besides the murders of the Bolognas, Ramos is known to have participated in other violent assaults. And, as a member of Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13), it is a sure bet that he committed many other crimes that he was never linked to.

Who’s responsible for this? Besides Ramos himself, I think in this case we can name a few others.

The responsible parties for Ramos’ illegal presence in our country and unnecessary deaths of the Bolognas are:

* President Bill Clinton
* President George W. Bush (43)
* California Governor Gray Davis
* California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
* San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown
* San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom
* San Francisco D.A. Kamala Harris and,
* San Francisco’s Juvenile Probation Office

As previous reported; the SF Juvenile Probation Office was so anti-immigration enforcement they were using San Francisco tax dollars to fly illegal alien crack dealers back to Honduras rather than turn them over to ICE. It takes a special kind of out-of-touch-sanctimonious-stupidity to dream that one up. With concurrence from the esteemed Mayor and District Attorney, they also covered up and protected Ramos from Immigration law enforcement.

We can also blame every other government bureaucrat at the federal, state and the local level who has ignored illegal immigration, made excuses for them being here and thwarted attempts at enforcing the law.

We hear talk of the costs of illegal immigration, estimates of the cost and lies about the contributions that illegals make.

We know the human cost. Anthony Bologna and his sons Michael and Mathew had their lives taken from them in an instant. Lost forever was a husband, a father, brothers and citizens. This was the immediate loss felt most poignantly by the immediate family. They are unnecessary victims, in parlance of our times.

The monetary cost of this illegal alien can now be calculated.

Besides the cost of the trial to convict, it costs $47,000 a year to house a prisoner in California, about a quarter of that is healthcare costs.

If Ramos lives to be 70 years old, that is $2,119,590 at current prices; over $2 million dollars that all California taxpayers have to pay for, even if they are not as brain dead as San Francisco’s dolts.

All of this could have been avoided.

If Bill Clinton had ordered the U.S. Border Patrol to secure the border, Ramos might not have made it across. But, his borders weren’t secure enough to keep out a thirteen year old.

California Governor Gray Davis was recalled from office because of his support for illegal aliens having driver licenses and for illegally euthanizing Proposition 187. Davis’ behavior encouraged illegal immigration.

Hell, all of this behavior from elected officials encourage illegal immigration. And you know what? That is what it was designed to do.

If George Bush had signaled a willingness to enforce our immigration laws perhaps Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger would have been more pro-active in insisting that the feds secure the border.

The best Schwarzenegger did was to veto illegal alien driver license laws a few times (which was not nothing, but nowhere near what needed to be done to protect our country and our citizens.)

San Francisco’s Mayors Willie Brown and Gavin Newsom were not interested in enforcing laws that removed illegal aliens from their city. Newsom’s administration was actively shielding illegal aliens from the feds.

SF District Attorney Kamala Harris was also complicit in Ramos’ status and his remaining in San Francisco, as well as many other illegal alien criminals. And, BTW, Harris wouldn’t file a death penalty case against Ramos, where in almost every other jurisdiction in America the murder of three citizens would certainly have.

From the very beginning of this episode, starting in 1999, illegal immigration has been encouraged and illegal activity ignored by every level of government. Our country has paid the price. Our culture has paid the price. Individuals and their families have paid the price. And, the taxpayer has paid the price.

Why? Money, as has been discussed here before. Illegal aliens are the new consumers, replacing the aging Baby Boomers.

Obviously criminals have no respect for the law, or they wouldn’t be criminals. But when presidents and governors and mayors and district attorneys disrespect the law they create an environment where anarchy and lawlessness wreak havoc on the country, culture and citizens.

The Bologna murders were avoidable. Respect for the law by the governments empowered to enforce it would have prevented them from being murdered.

The final cost hasn’t been calculated, either. Ramos will be spending the next five decades in jail. What cost will be paid by other prisoners incarcerated with him?

Where will the next brutal murder by an illegal alien occur? Do you think there just might be other victims of this kind of institutional insanity?

Coincidentally, the same day the San Francisco jury found Ramos guilty a Los Angeles jury convicted the murderer of 17 year old football star Jamiel Shaw, Jr. and subsequently sentenced him to death.

Shaw, a good kid whose mother was serving our country in Iraq at the time, was murdered within earshot of his father by illegal alien Pedro Espinoza who had been out of jail for less than 24 hours.

It is long since passed the time we need to hold our elected officials, and our candidates, accountable for our porous borders.

We are five months from the November election. Every candidate that wants your vote needs to be asked what they intend to do about illegal immigration and border security. We need to hold their feet to the fire, to borrow a term from Roger Hedgecock, on the illegal immigration issue. If we don’t we will lose more innocent victims like the Bolognas and Jamiel Shaw as well as our country and our culture.

As recent elections have shown; the American people do have common sense and can initiate change.

It is up to us.

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