Thanks from a reader, and a nightmare scenario of the self-caused destruction of black America when the government spigot runs dry

Chris K. writes:

Let me start by saying that I am a great admirer of your work, and have found your writing invaluable. I was a Heinlein-inspired libertarian in my late teens and early 20s, and today I am a 30 year old traditionalist family man. In large part it is due to your writing. I found you through John Derbyshire, and I thought for awhile that you were a little nuts. Gradually though, the clarity of the traditionalist position you advocate made ever more sense and the scales fell from my eyes. Thank you, you are doing great work for America and for the Gospel. VFR can legitimately claim to have a religious dimension, since without a traditionalist political order, American churches are doomed to persecution or co-option by liberalism, spreading the false teachings of liberalism throughout the world, as America’s dying “gift.” ( A traditionalist political order also has a religious basis, strengthening the church and the state by returning them to their proper spheres.)

On to what prompted me to write, the story you posted about violence by young children in the Philadelphia schools (“The hell on earth of underclass black America, brought to you by liberalism”) is horrifying, not just because of the actual behavior portrayed, but because of the implications for the future. If the picture of black behavior given by the Philadelphia Inquirer is at all typical, and from all accounts it is, then I think it is possible that that the genocide of black America will happen in the next five to ten years. The preceding sentence might seem extreme, but consider the following.

  • The states are in as bad (or worse) fiscal condition as the federal government.

  • The state and federal governments are already cutting aid programs, and will have to cut aid programs drastically when the federal government stops printing money.

  • The relatively tame cuts proposed by Paul Ryan have already been called racist, and black commentators know how badly blacks are dependent on government bribes.

  • If you look at the following links, black demographics, Black Plurality Cities, Black Majority Cities, and Black States, you will find that every major city in America has a black population of at least 30 thousand.

  • The black middle class is largely a creation of government employment and affirmative action. When the money runs out and these jobs are cut or the AA scam is no longer enforceable because the government doesn’t have the money, the black middle class will disappear, almost instantly. (The wealthy black population, consisting of athletes, entertainers, and affirmative action products like the Obamas, will also disappear as whites run out of money and stop going to sporting events and movies, especially those starring openly racist blacks like Chris Rock.)

  • The middle and upper class blacks will choose race over social order; just look at the Obamas.

  • When the white taxpayer stops paying, blacks will riot. If the sociopaths profiled in the Philadelphia story are any indication, they will have to be killed or severely injured to restore order.

  • It is probably too late for most of the students at those schools, and the misguided attempts to put them in charter schools only spreads the cancer.

  • I don’t know if there is a possible solution to the mass destruction of black society wrought by government. I do know the Obama administration won’t do anything about it

  • If order is restored without massive violence, blacks will have to be stripped of their ability to vote and a reconstruction-like regime imposed on them. Otherwise any attempt to save the situation will be lost in black intransigence, cries of racism, and violence.

It’s a horrifying list, but given the fiscal situation we’re in and the sociopathy exhibited by blacks, I don’t see any other way out. A race war will get extremely ugly, blacks will lose after a violent beginning, due to stupidity, lack of training and arms, and lack of ability to cooperate on the scale needed to win. It will get even worse when you factor in the exploding Hispanic population, likely to support or attack the black population depending on location and circumstances. Do you see any erroneous assumptions I have made? Am I missing something? I look forward to hearing from you. Please keep up the good work.

P.S. Even my own medium sized city of Anchorage, Alaska has over 15,000 blacks, who are likely to riot should the government cash cow stop producing.

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LA writes to Chris K.:

Thank you very much. It’s wonderful to think that my work played any part in such a major and positive change in your life.

I just posted your comment. As you said, your prediction is extreme, but you lay out a logical series of assumptions and steps by which the scenario seems plausible, and that makes it a legitimate piece of writing, no matter how extreme it may seem.

However, I suppose it’s equally likely that the white (or rather non-black) response to massive nation-wide black rioting and violence would be to retreat from the cities with large black populations, leaving the country divided between black-dominated hellholes and the non-black rest of the country. That is also a nightmare scenario.

Greg W. writes:

Chris K. writes:

“The relatively tame cuts proposed by Paul Ryan have already been called racist, and black commentators know how badly blacks are dependent on government bribes.”

It’s a quandary. Suggesting, no, stating the fact that blacks are more dependent upon government than others is considered racist. That fact is vehemently denied by leftists and black jackasses like Sharpton. But if one suggests cutting welfare and other social programs, that’s ALSO racist, because it hurts blacks the most, according to leftists and black jackasses like Sharpton.

So, if blacks aren’t the most dependent on government, why are they hurt the worst when welfare programs are cut? Of course we know this is just a bunch of political posturing. But I have never heard any politician on the right stand up and call anyone out on this. Hell, Bill Cosby will.

It would be interesting to see the blacks riot when or if welfare programs are cut. It would make it little harder to deny black behavior problems and their dependency on government. Some whites might actually wake up and say, “So THAT’S who I’m feeding?”

April 22

Timothy A. writes:

Chris K. sketches a scenario in which government budget cuts lead to black rioting in American cities. In one variant, this scenario ends badly for blacks, with a crackdown and a reconstruction-like regime.

Your correspondent mentions that he is 30 years old, so he did not live through the mid 1960s (1964-1968) when race riots of the type he describes were a common occurrence (and when it was possible to use the term “race riot” in polite company). The response to those riots (and they were major events requiring heavy responses to tamp them down) were: formation of commissions to determine just what was wrong with white society which forced blacks to react as they did, leading to—forced busing, affirmative action, congressional districts formed to guarantee black representatives are elected and other goodies for the rioting class. Oh, another response was that whites moved as far away from those cities as their economic circumstances allowed.

My point is that bad behavior is always rewarded by liberal society. Now, the premise of the scenario is that government money has run out, so where can the rewards come from? There are lots of ways that blacks could be bought off without requiring new outlays of government cash. How about—100% of employees at government agencies (post office, DMV, etc.) will be “minorities”? How about—hard numerical quotas on employment of “minorities” by all private employers, no matter how small? There are others, but I prefer not to think about them.

An Indian living in the West writes:

Chris K. describes a scenario which is over the top. I would be the last to disagree with his analysis of the fiscal problems facing America (and actually the entire Western world, particularly Britain).

However, the belief that hyperinflation will turn America into an economic wasteland is a nightmarish fantasy. Iceland just experienced a collapse of its currency but its economy hasn’t collapsed and people are not starving. In America what is likely to happen is that as times get tough, the government will become extremely draconian. You will see draconian levels of taxation—something people would consider impossible today. The people will not only accept it, they will demand it at the ballot box. They will not care that some benefits go to blacks, so long as blacks do not become better off than anyone else.

As the economy faces considerable hardship, we may see a significant drop in inflation-adjusted benefits for blacks. However, I do not think we will see starvation and the kind of chaos that Chris describes. Hardship may increase black crime. This will stretch the law enforcement authorities to the limits of their resources and capabilities.

You may see some drop in immigration. Apparently the wretched job market has already made many Mexicans return home and the border crossings seem to have reduced somewhat. If the economy gets a lot worse (which it will), this may increase further.

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