Can whites protect themselves from hostile and violent blacks within the institutions of the United States?

Dave V. writes:

In looking at the two most recent entries dealing with race at VFR (still blaming whites, affirmative action), it appears that the approach to America’s race problem as far as VFR is concerned is that America’s civic institutions (law, cultural boundaries, policing, etc) are sufficient in your mind to “contain” the problematic effects of race. That is you believe that America has the tools within its civic organization to put walls around any racial outbursts.

You also take a look at Fjordman’s statement that the West may be a passing order and a new formation may arise based on non-liberal principles. If that new order would arise, would you still count on the idea that civic institutions and cultural boundaries would be sufficient to “contain” racial problems and outbursts?

As per my past email concerning the conservative presuppositional approach for a new social foundation, one may have to rethink the concept of an alien race existing within American society. A race that is a Trojan horse for importing and reinforcing the liberal ideology. In other words, a reconceptualizing of a new social order may well entail a reconceptualization of American history and the presence of race period.

I’m sure this line of thinking may well be unpalatable for you since this is precisely what the Nazi Party injected into German political discourse prior to World War 2. I’m not suggesting the physical eradication of the black race in America through butchery and killing. But the separation of the races, rather than a containment of such.

The black race in fact has this model within itself. MLK Jr. many times invoked the Hebrew exodus as a model, the march out of slavery towards the promised land. If it is a psychological and spiritual metaphor within the black mind, why not a physical enforcement of such? Disentangling the two races would mean a greta simplification of roles and rules We no longer would have to worry about the complexity of “walling” off through civic institutions racial problematics.

LA replies:

As I said to you before, I don’t think this is a useful discussion. We have vast, overwhelming problems to deal with, whites don’t even recognize the black anti-white intifada, and you want to get me talking about the chimera of physically removing 35 million blacks from the United States.

However, while what you’re talking about is impossible within the existing United States, something like that could happen after the United States came to an end. Which, let us be frank, is no longer impossible. The following scenario was laid out by someone I was talking with. A significant number of whites reach the point of deciding that they can’t live safely and freely in America as it’s now constituted. They start migrating to a largely white area of the country. As the population of like minded whites in that area increases, they take political power in one state or more states. They then make that state into a white controlled state. It would not be necessary that all nonwhites and white liberals depart, but many would, leaving non-liberal whites definitely in charge of their own territory. And that’s what whites must have, so long as America and the other nations of the West are controlled by anti-white leftists in alliance with nonwhites. The whites in this state would also acquire military capabilities, and so be able to withstand threats from what remains of the multicultural U.S. government. The scenario assumes that by this point what is left of the United States is so dysfunctional that it is not able to suppress this white state.

Once the whites establish their own territory where they can build up their own polity and culture, the hope would be that over time they would start gradually expanding outward from that base and take back more and more of what’s left of the U.S. In such a process, most blacks and nonwhites would leave the areas retaken by the whites. Given the catastrophe brought by multiracialism, it would be understood that multiracial societies are not possible, and that any nonwhites who remain in this new society would be those who accept a political cultural order defined by and led by whites.

I add what I’ve said many times: my preference is that whites not secede from America but rather take back control of America. But, as I’ve also said, at a certain point it may become clear that that is impossible. And then people may start to think and act along lines like the above scenario.

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