Anti-Darwinism: a collection

This entry contains a non-exhaustive list of VFR articles about Darwinism. In the future, when readers write to me making points or asking questions on this subject that have been addressed at VFR many times before, I will simply refer them to this entry. This will save me a lot of repetition, and will also save readers the trouble of writing comments that have already been made. Except for the first entry, “Summarizing my views about evolution,” the articles are presented in chronological order.

Summarizing my views about evolution [A series of bulleted points presenting my position in simple terms.]

New Poll [A discussion in 2003 on Darwinism and whether randomness is compatible with God. Note: the initial entry is on a Holocaust poll, but the comments below that are on Darwin.]

Why do people reject Darwin? [Includes full discussion on why God and random Darwinian evolution are incompatible.]

Unintelligent design [Aftermath of Dover case, summarizing what I don’t like about the Intelligent Design movement.]

The never-ending Darwinian two-step [in reply to commenter I give concise refutation of theistic Darwinism and idea that evolution can be both random and directed by God.]

The Origin of Species isn’t about that [On Paul R. Gross’s self exploding claim that Darwinism is proved, with devastating quotes by leading Darwinians Ernst Mayr and George Simpson admitting that Darwin did not prove the origin of species.]

Liberal says liberals must reconcile with racial IQ differences, just as Christians reconciled with Darwinism [Containing another attempt by a reader to say that God could produce random results etc.]

The transparent intellectual fraud that is Darwinism [How Darwinists keep injecting teleology into Darwinism to make believable what is in fact a radically non-teleological and unbelievable theory.]

Darwin Re-troped [Blogger Birddog elaborates on my idea of how Darwinians resort to teleological tropes into order to make the non-teleological world view of Darwinism meaningful and acceptable to themselves]

Did Darwin say that selection was teleological? [An article claims that Darwin was a teleologist. I argue that if this is true, then Darwinism is exploded by its own contradictions.]

An absolute refutation of Darwinism [How appearance of internal fertilization by Darwinian processes is impossible.]

The evolution of internal fertilization in vertebrates, cont. [Dealing with fact that some amphibians have internal fertilization.]

A Darwinian quiz [Readers respond to Darwkin’s “disproof” that bombadier beetle disproves Darwinism.]

Another wild and wacky method of reproduction that cannot possibly be explained by Darwinian evolution [worm in which female dissolves her skin under which male stuck sperm packet, allowing packet to enter her body.]

Michael Hart on evolution [Hart’s article that he wrote for VFR laying out the reasons why Darwinism is doubtful, and why he hopes and believes it may still be proved by future evidence. His article is followed by a discussion on the question whether evolution can be directed by God and be random. In this thread I realized to my despair that the Theistic Darwinians would never be persuaded that their position is inherently contradictory. This is probably the longest discussion we’ve had on that issue.]

More mysteries of evolution [Carol Iannone argues that Darwinians have no right to talk about their concerns for man’s future and other values, since Darwinian evolution could not produce such values. I argue further that Darwinian evolution could produce no desire for the good over pleasure or over things that help increase reproduction.]

The inescapable relevance of Darwinism [Darwinist atheism is not simply a neutral “truth” that people are free to believe or not to believe. It is an expansive creed, seeking to dominate and transform society and suppress traditional beliefs.]

A teleological view of evolution [God is the whole of existence, he draws forth out of existence a being who will correspond most closely with God’s own qualities, a being who can know and love God and become, in his limited sphere, like him.

How Darwin’s belief in natural selection changed his experience of life [About how Darwin’s materialism deadened his feelings about nature.]

What flying fish tell us about evolution [The repeated, independent evolution of winged flight a clear indication that winged flight is built into life.]

A Muslim apostate rejects Darwinism [Evariste tells how he recently began to see the falsity of Darwinism, even though Darwinism had helped him reject Islam, and to believe, at least intellectually, that the God of the Bible exists. Here are Everiste’s articles on his rejection of Islam and his developing belief that God has consciousness and personality.]

Reply to a Darwinian [Exchange with Nock who sneered at the idea of the higher then called himself a freeloader on our civilization.]

Reply to a Darwinian [Reply to Charlie Prince who commented at the Inverted World thread. He made several weak arguments and also quoted the Bible to show that Bible is anti kinship and nation.]

Join with us, or else [Commenter says that scheme for One World goes against evolution. I show that Darwinian evolution is of absolutely no help in opposing universalism, or, indeed, in opposing or advancing any political or moral program.]

Darwinism and truth [why should a Darwinist, such as John Derbyshire, think that lying, such as lying abou the fact that he’s an atheist, is wrong? And if Darwinism is true, can there be such a thing as wrong?]

Writings on Derbyshire; and Derbyshire admits he’s an atheist [Derbyshire for years had denied he was an atheist, while I had consistently pointed out that he was an atheist and was concealing the truth about it. Then he not only began calling himself an atheist, but announced that his purpose was to change America into an atheist country. Expansive further discussion covering many points, including the utter inadequacy of Michael Novak as a spokeman for the theist view against intelligent atheists such as Heather Mac Donald; including my answer to a reader’s question: if Darwinian natural selection can explain morphological differentiation among human tribes and races, then wouldn’t natural selection also explain the development of human psychology and behavior, including ethical behavior?]

Zmirak eviscerates Derbyshire [If we take Derbyshire’s ideas seriously, we can’t take his ideas seriously, because his Darwinian ideas cancel out the very possibility of truth, including the truth of his own statements about Darwinism.]

“Darwinism” Retired? [Evolutionary biologist Olivia Judson of the NY Times argues that the name Darwinism ought to be dropped, because so much has been discovered about evolution since Darwin’s time and contemporary evolutionary theory goes well beyond what Darwin said. I show that this is a ploy to divert people’s attention from the troublesome and still unproved core of evolutionary theory that is ineluctably associated with Darwin’s name: the evolution of new species by random genetic mutations and natural selection.]

Logically demonstrating why Darwinism precludes an objective moral good [Follow up of Darwinism and truth.” Julien B. said that I had not logically shown the assertion to be logically true, so I gave it another try.]

Mac Donald “depressed” by Americans’ belief in God [I quote Darwin’s passage in which he injects beauty and order into a universe from which he’s removed it.]

Another Darwinian thinks he’s got me [A commenter refers to intermediate stages, thinking this shatters my argument on the impossibility of simultaneous mutations in a male and female leading to copulation. I show that any intermediate stage does not solve the problem, which is that that each and every stage would have to involve mutually complementary random mutations.]

How honey bees make honey [On the accidential random genetic mutation that made the worker bees start fanning their wings in unison which created a wind which dehydrated the water out of the nectar and made it into honey.]

Proof of Darwinism! How Japanese honey bees evolved to defend themselves from hornets

The “tornado in a junk yard” analogy is correct after all [While the naturalist view of the origin of new species out of existing species is based on pure chance plus natural selection, the naturalist view of the origin of life is based on pure chance alone. The astronomer and cosmologist Fred Hoyle compared the naturalist explanation of the origin of life to a tornado blowing through a junk yard and creating a Boeing 747.]

The Darwinians admit that Darwinism is not proved [In New York Times special section celebrating Darwin, Carol Yoon repeatedly cites evolutionary biologists admitting that the Darwinisn evolution of species has not been shown.]

On the emperor’s 200th birthday, he is still wearing no clothes [I post several of my comments at Secular Right showing that if there is human intentional thought and freedom of choice, then Darwinism is false, and quoting E.O. Wilson’s statement that evolution has not explained human consciousness.]

A Darwinian transition to a new species, photographed on an American highway! [Why did the catfish cross the highway? To evolve into a salamander.]

If Darwinism is true, can a Darwinian have a desire to remain alive? [Starts as discussion with Dennis Mangan on idea that evolution cannot account for conscious desire or purpose. Developed into all out jambourie at his site and mine on materialism vs. non-materialism.]

The discussion at Mangan’s Miscellany begins here, and continues in a new entry:

Discussion on evolution and purpose with Lawrence Auster

Darwinians’ risible scenarios, and the motive that drives them [Responding to a commenter who argues that since God, if he exists, can do anything, including creating everything all at once, and since everything wasn’t created all at once, therefore the existence of God is disproved and the truth of Darwinism is proved.]

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