Scozzafava endorses Democrat Bill Owens!
Proves correct everything said by her conservative critics!
GOP establishment looking for jobs in another solar system!

This is from a statement that was sent Sunday afternnon by New York State Assemblywoman and former Republican Congressional candidate Deirdre Scozzafava to her supporters:

You know me, and throughout my career, I have been always been an independent voice for the people I represent. I have stood for our honest principles, and a truthful discussion of the issues, even when it cost me personally and politically,” she said in a statement released Sunday afternoon.

It is in this spirit that I am writing to let you know I am supporting Bill Owens for Congress and urge you to do the same.

It’s not in the cards for me to be your representative, but I strongly believe Bill is the only candidate who can build upon John McHugh’s lasting legacy in the U.S. Congress.

Michelle Malkin details how much money the Republican Party gave Scozzafava. And this is the way she repays them.

Just think what Scozzafava would have been like in Congress. Why, she would have out-mavericked John McCain.

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LA wrote to N., who had sent the story on Scozzafava endorsing the Democrat:


I can’t believe it. I’m plotzing. :-)

N. replied:

Wassamatta, don’t you remember the Rockefeller Republicans? This sort of thing wasn’t at all unusual in the 1970’s, when Nelson Rockefeller was still a force in the party.

So, how long before David Frum comes out in support of Owens, I wonder? The biggest tent of all is the one that’s set up inside of another tent, surely.

LA replies:

And of course, when Gingrich began his career, he was a Rockefeller Republican, and really never changed.

November 2

A. Zarkov writes:

New York Republicans can be very liberal. John V. Lindsay, mayor of New York City from 1966-1974, started out as a liberal Republican congressman, and ended up as a liberal Democrat running for president. He was actually more liberal than his Democratic opponent for mayor, Mario Procaccino. Lindsay pandered to the usual Democratic constituents: blacks, Hispanics, Jews, and Manhattan yuppies. He was an unmitigated disaster as mayor. I remember those days well. I was working in New Jersey and living in Manhattan for a time in the early 1970s. One day the drawbridge operators went on strike, opened bridges and damaged the controls so the bridges wouldn’t close. Manhattan went into traffic gridlock and I couldn’t get to work. As a consultant I didn’t get paid for that day. The drawbridge operators went unpunished and got a raise. Soon after that I moved to New Jersey, and a few years later to California. Now the liberals have ruined California the way they ruined New York, and they are trying to ruin the whole country. For the most part Republicans do little to stop them.

No one should be surprised that Scozzafava endorsed the Democrat—Republicans do that kind of thing all the time.

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