The wealthy socialist

Aditya B. writes:

The comedy unfolding in France just got livelier.

According to this article, “France’s new Socialist president owns three holiday homes in the Riviera resort of Cannes, it emerged today.” The Daily Mail confirms this story and gleefully adds, “To the undoubted embarrassment to the most left-wing leader in Europe and a man who styles himself as “Mr Normal,” they are valued at almost £1million.”

This is so typical of leftists worldwide. Reviewing this pansy-boy’s biography, I couldn’t find one item of private sector employment. Just like the Saintly Barack of Honolulu, this man has no idea about how money is actually made. All he knows is how to grab it, and spend it.

These people are vampires. Their raison d’ĂȘtre is to punish people who can make things, who can actually do things. Their whole life is devoted to sucking the life blood out of such people. Perhaps this is how they to make up for their pathetic lack of achievement. In a mass democracy, they are able to find the support of many, many like themselves, equally blood-thirsty and greedy, to destroy the producers and the creative types who make civilization possible.

The brain-dead and the envious will continue to support this man, because it isn’t the rich they despise, per se, or even wealth. They despise the sort of people who create wealth. They despise people who make things, people who can do things. This mob will not be satisfied untill everyone has been brought down to their level of mediocrity and imbecility. And of course, they will destroy the highest standard of living ever created in the process.

Obviously, this can’t go on forever because eventually they will run out of other people’s money. Then we’ll see how apt the “Tale of Two Cities” simile really is.

LA replies:

Don’t you think this story is being overdone? Being worth a million pounds is not significantly rich in today’s world. I have a friend who, when he retired several years ago, was worth about a million dollars from the savings and investments he had made from his non-spectacular salary over the course of his career. He is not rich. He lives modestly. And a million pounds is about 1.6 million dollars.

Aditya B. replies:

Mr. “Gauche Caviar” is definitely not in the Lear Jet league, but a million pounds sterling ($1.6 million; 1.24 million Euros) is nothing to sneeze it.

Mr. Auster, this reptile wants to tax, up to 75 percent, all incomes above one million euros ($1.28 million). He has arbitrarily picked this number and decided he will punish such incomes with confiscatory taxation. He has defined this income bracket as “the rich.” Well, that includes the beloved Dear Leader of the People. This means he’ll have to tax people just like himself! [LA replies: A quibble: he’ll be taxing people with income over that amount, not with total wealth over that amount.]

I completely agree that, in the 21st Century, one million pounds is small potatoes. But vampires like Hollande and Obama, who have no conception of making money, pick these arbitrary income brackets and start sucking the life blood of people in such brackets. Hollande has picked one million euros while Obama has picked $250,000, neither of which is indicative of real wealth anymore. But both Hollande and Obama (personal wealth $7.3 million) are “rich” and should be forced to submit to their planned confiscatory taxation.

Also, Hollande, with his financial portfolio and three homes,is very rich for a Frenchman. In a country where the average household income is only $27,508 and only slightly more than half the citizens own the property they live in, Mr. Hollande could be regarded as fabulously wealthy.

I only provided the links to offer solid evidence of the lack of social mobility in France which I discovered through anecdotal evidence from my French friends. Some of them are in their thirties and still live with their parents as they simply cannot find a job that pays enough to live independently in nice parts of Paris. Buying property, U.S. style, is unheard of. Nobody has any real savings because nobody has anything left over after the government has been through their paycheck. So for your average Frenchman, Hollande has rap-mogul worthy wealth.

In conclusion, I think Hollande is definitely “rich.” And I definitely want to see him hoisted by his own petard.

May 15

Vivek G. writes:

Aditya B. wrote:

They despise the sort of people who create wealth.

Vivek G. writes

I have a small quibble over that. They don’t despise wealth creators per se; after all, without these creators there would be no wealth. They despise creators of wealth who want to own and enjoy what they create. These Socialists want the exclusive rights over the wealth created by others. They fight against slavery only to initiate this newer and worse form of slavery. A slavery where wealth-creators toil to create the wealth to be enjoyed by these austere-sounding narcissists claiming to be the protectors of the underprivileged hard-working masses (read Recipients of Affirmative Action who are their Vote Banks).

I think Larry Auster may have to work on a new version of Separationism to deal with this malaise:

  • Liberalism is a mortal danger to our society.

  • But we cannot destroy liberalism.

  • Nor can we reform the liberals.

  • Nor, owing to our own moral hang-ups, can we destroy the liberals.

  • Therefore the only way to make ourselves safe from liberalism is to separate ourselves from it.

    It might even be worthwhile contemplating a grand plan sending all American liberals across the Atlantic to Europe (France and so on) and receive all non-Liberals from Europe into America. This will be much more effective as well as efficient solution compared to the Red-State Blue-State secession that was discussed at this site some time ago. This will also serve the legitimate goal mentioned by Aditya wherein he would like these liberals/socialists to be hoisted by their own petards. In addition it will also provide a ray of hope to white wealth-creating Christians to migrate to a more just nation.

Irv P. writes:

Vivek G.writes: “It might even be worthwhile contemplating a grand plan sending all American liberals across the Atlantic to Europe (France and so on) and receive all non-Liberals from Europe into America. This will be much more effective as well as efficient solution compared to the Red-State Blue-State secession that was discussed at this site some time ago.”

Is Vivek saying this tongue in cheek or has he been smoking some illegal agricultural products? While I too would love to separate from the liberals who are running and ruining this once great nation, this idea is so far fetched I am rendered speechless.

LA replies:

But what about Jeffersonian’s mutual secession idea? I don’t remember you reacting so strongly against that.

Irv P. replies:

Compared to relocating hundreds of millions of people on each side of the Atlantic, Jeffersonian’s Red/Blue county solution is a cakewalk. If Jeffersonian is taken to task because of the “lack of realistic feasibility” of his ideas, how can Vivek think his proposal is “more efficient”? And I thought that sometimes I’m way out there! This guy is intergallactic!

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