The killer’s writings seem to bear no relationship to his acts

In the continuing thread, “The hideous irony; and a huge victory for the anti-Western left,” I quote and discuss one of the killer’s online comments. In it, he opposes all “hate” ideologies among which he includes Islam, Nazism, and Communism. He shows how “moderate” Muslims (or moderate Nazis), are nevertheless on the same team as the extremist Muslims (or extremist Nazis). Such arguments makes him sound like a thoughtful conservative Islam critic, not like anyone gearing up to mass murder children. So far there is absolutely no sign in his writings of that kind of mentality. As the host of a very active blog for the last nine years, I can tell you that haters, anti-Semites, and Nazi types very quickly give themselves away, because they have a need to express what’s inside them. They do not write the way this person writes. There is something very, very strange here. But since his act was so insane (though obviously well planned out and executed), perhaps the answer is that he had multiple sides of his personality. A part of him articulately opposed “hate” ideologies including Nazism, even as he was planning a mass murder of innocents.

That last thought was triggered by this, which just came in from Karl D.:

It appears he did have connections to a Swedish neo-Nazi forum, according to the Daily Mail:

“It has emerged that the man at the centre of the attack is also a member of a Swedish Nazi forum which encourages attacks on government buildings.”

This guy was clearly all over the place. Even in those Google translations he refers to himself as an “Anti-racist.”

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Jim C. writes:

mental illness isn’t logical. he’s probably schizophrenic, and was likely “motivated” by a compelling voice only he could hear. A tragedy.

Randy writes:

Re: “This guy was clearly all over the place. Even in those Google translations he refers to himself as an ‘Anti-racist.’ ”

But if he visited a Christian website a few times and made some comments, that is ALL we will hear about.

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