Gillard’s bizarre response to the boast of an Afghan who shot his Australian trainers (correction: it’s not bizarre but typically liberal)

Kilroy M. writes from Australia:

You mentioned in a previous entry that you couldn’t “get enough” of the shenanigans of our Prime Minister Julia Gillard, and I totally understand, neither can I (I’m being sarcastic of course, I get a rash whenever I hear or see her on TV). I thought you might be interested in her recent statements about an Afghan trainee soldier who shot and wounded three of his Australian trainers last year. In a video uploaded to the Web, he boasted that he had killed 12 Australians. The PM’s reaction was to correct the inaccurate statements in his boast and call him “disgusting” and “offensive.” Then she said that his exaggerated claim was aimed at “destroying trust.”

So this is her response to the fact that Australian forces trained an Afghan Muslim supposed ally who turned his gun on the naive good-intentioned trainers: to be offended, to point out the inaccuracies of his propaganda, and to continue trusting him, ignoring all the while the fact that he shot three Australians. Julia may feel empowered, being the product of feminist political will-to-power that she is, but I, as a citizen of the country she allegedly leads, certainly do not.

To be fair, the Opposition leader Tony Abbott echoed the same sentiment. But the sentiment is so limp-wristed and representative of a de-spirited and flaccid intellect, that one can hardly call it masculine. Politics has been thoroughly feminised.

Here is the article Kilroy sent, from The Australian:

Mohammed Roozi’s claims in video false propoganda, Julia Gillard

PRIME Minister Julia Gillard his dismissed claims made by the Afghan soldier who shot three Australian troops last year as untrue and propaganda.

In a Taliban video, Mohammed Roozi has boasted about the shooting, claiming he killed 12 Australians.

Roozi was a member of the Afghan National Army when he seriously injured the Australian soldiers as well as two Afghan soldiers in Oruzgan province.

Ms Gillard said the video was propaganda.

“The actual claims about the numbers of deaths of Australian soldiers aren’t true in this propaganda video,” she told reporters in the flood-stricken town of St George in Queensland today.

“But the fact that there’s this disgusting anti-Australian soldier propaganda anywhere in the world is offensive to me and to all Australians.”

The Prime Minister said the claims were designed to corrode trust.

“Propaganda is used by people like that to get people like you (journalists) to ask these sorts of questions,” she said.

“It’s aimed at trust. That’s exactly what it’s aimed at.

“It’s aimed at denting our will. Well, no amount of propaganda is going to dent our will to get this mission done.”

In the video, Roozi said he wanted to kill foreigners and teach them a lesson. He said he was a Muslim and did not accept foreigners working alongside him.

Roozi said after he shot the troops, he joined the Taliban.

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott echoed the Prime Minister’s sentiments.

“I think Australians are entitled to be pretty disgusted at this conduct,” Mr Abbott told reporters in Sydney.

“I think the fact that there was an element of betrayal in the deaths of these particular Australian soldiers adds an additional element of horror to it.

“But this is much more a comment on the malice of our enemies than it is on the merits of our cause.”

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