French politician to DSK: “Disappear, and fast.”

French UMP deputy Bernard Debré has written a scorching open letter to Dominique Strauss-Kahn (translated and posted at Galliawatch):

You were general secretary of the IMF. A fundamental position in the current world-wide economic crisis.

You seek the presidency of the French Republic and the polls show you as the favorite.

But for some time now, your attitude towards money has been troubling: the Ryad Hotel in Morocco, luxury cars, Parisian apartments in the most fashionable neighborhoods. This “bling-bling” attitude tarnished your image.

Many, in France, in Belgium, were aware that you had uncontrollable sexual urges. The facts were known, the participants in these refined parties (i.e., orgies) bragged about it, but France is tolerant, too tolerant. Many of your friends had told you, it seems, that you had to calm down and some thought you had heeded their words. An alert in the United States almost disqualified you even if your wife forgave you and turned it into a tear-jerker. [A reference to DSK’s sexual involvement with a female subordinate in the IMF in 2008.]

Now you have been arrested in the United States for acts of sexual violence. Shame. You know that France is tolerant and, wrongly, leaves the private life outside of politics. Mitterrand and his two wives, his two lives, are an example. Even though the State paid a great deal for his illegitimate family for fourteen years—thousands of euros were spent to house and feed them.

But this is too much. You have humiliated France! You have ridiculed her!

The Socialists who had confidence in you must be red with shame and fury. Perhaps you will be sentenced to a prison term. Bravo! You may have to pay a fine, you have sufficient funds.

When you get out of prison, vanish into your Riyad, do not explain yourself, do not say anything. You have been a false value, a sex maniac, and an intellectual crook. You have sullied our country.

What I hope is that you will seek treatment. There are medications for sex criminals.

I am ashamed because your escapades may once again arouse extreme reactions.

Disappear, and fast.

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