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An Australian TV news program has a long (about 20 minutes) segment on Geert Wilders. Despite the host’s open hostility to Wilders, the program—utterly unlike what would happen on U.S. television—gives a fair view of him and his positions. It is the fullest media presentation of Wilders, and of his place in Dutch politics, that I’ve seen. To be watching a mainstream television news show and see Wilders say, in his reasonable yet firm and determined manner, that Islam is a threat to the West and that its ingress into the Netherlands must be stopped, period, is thrilling. Among other things, he is light years beyond the American conservative anti-jihadists, who to this very moment, and despite their support for Wilders, are unable to state that Islam is the problem, that Islam must be stopped, that Islam doesn’t belong in the West. The anti-jihadists—with their attacks on “Islamism,” not Islam, with their “I love Muslims, I just don’t want the mosque to be so close to Ground Zero,” are frightened and uncertain children who stick their toe into the water of the Islam problem and then run back to mommy. Wilders is an adult who has grasped the simple truth about Islam and states it without equivocation.

When the West has acquired more adults like Wilders, it will proceed to save itself. And—who knows?—maybe some of the currently still frightened Islamism critics will be among them.

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Dean E. writes:

Wilders is going to speak at the Ground Zero anti-mosque rally September 11. I was debating whether to go or not but now I see Sir Geert will be there that settles that—I’m going.

There’s an article on Wilder’s site about the 9/11 rally:

Nobody Will Stop Me

The PVV leader made known yesterday that he has already purchased a ticket for his trip to New York, where he will act against the construction of a mosque near Ground Zero. Wilders told elsevier.nl this Saturday that he will not let anything or anyone stop him: “Of course I will go to New York and say what I want there.” He reiterated his stance this Wednesday: “Nobody will stop me. No mosque at Ground Zero!”

[end of quote]

“Nobody will stop me. No mosque at Ground Zero!”

We are blessed to have such a lion defending us. I would urge anyone who can to attend the event in New York on 9/11.

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