Establishment conservatives practicing for their roles as President Hillary’s courtiers

Richard Lowry, editor of America’s flagship conservative magazine, continues the trend among the establi-cons of smoothing Hillary Clinton’s path to the White House. She is “ready to be president,” Lowry tells us. Instead of underscoring her fundamental illegitimacy as a political figure, Lowry legitimizes her. And this is the guy who wrote a book about paying the price for the Clinton years. I guess he wrote that book from the same depth of conviction as when he wrote his many articles saying that we were winning in Iraq, then switched to saying that we were losing, without mentioning his previous position that we were winning.

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George writes:

That article by Lowry is just sad.

Even GOP propagandists like Limbaugh and Hannity would never sink so low as to legitamize Clinton by saying she is “ready” to be president. This goes to show how far left NR has drifted since the 1990s and explains why NR’s circulation dropped six percent last year.

But even more fundamentally, Lowry’s article proves that National Review has literally and figuratively become immature.

With one or two possible exceptions, there are no adults over there who are emotionally and intellectually serious. Goldberg is the perfect personification of how mentally and spiritually infantile the whole magazine has become. Like the rest of the crew at NR, Goldberg has no true insight, no wisdom that comes with age and no class.

After Bush has left office I hope that the whole lot of them are fired and the magazine folds.

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