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Concerning NASA’s announced “foremost” task of making the people of the Islamic world feel good about their scientific accomplishments, John of Powerline writes:

The liberal media have, for obvious reasons, averted their eyes from the spectacle, hoping to spare the Democratic administration to which they are loyal from further embarrassment. But it’s a losing battle. Any administration that persistently does things this dumb will inevitably become a laughingstock.

Dumb. Incompetent. Inexperienced. Professorial rather than practical. Talkers not doers. These remain the conservatives’ standard descriptions of Obama & Co. Why, in the midst of their 24/7 total opposition to Obama, do the conservatives nevertheless persist in portraying Obama and his people as dummies, rather than as enemies? Was Obama’s bow to the Saudi King also an act of dumbness, rather than the act of a president who through that bow was clearly expressing his disdain for his own country?

I think the conservatives can’t fully face the truth because it’s too awful. It would mean saying that the Democratic Party is not just a political party, but a revolutionary and treasonous party. It would mean acknowledging that America is no longer a unitary constitutional republic, but a field on which a civil war is being fought out. Further, the conservatives fear that if they acknowledged these terrible realities, they would be placing themselves outside the bounds of respectable politics and making themselves look like extremists. For all these reasons, they go on calling Obama a feckless incompetent rather than a determined enemy.

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James N. writes:

I hope you have noticed that on the national stage the only consistently oppositional voice to Obama’s grand design is Our Lady of Wasilla.

Romney, Huckabee, Pawlenty and others are pushing an “obviously Obama doesn’t understand” line.

La Pasionaria of the Yukon knows he understands, knows why, and knows he must be stopped.

Just sayin’ …

LA replies:
I appreciate your consistency … :-)

James N. replies:

She’s a very difficult figure to study and to understand. One of my patriot friends and I were discussing her last week, and when I was asked my opinion, I sort of unreflectively blurted out, “She gets it”. What is “it,” I was asked, and I said, “The country, the nation, the Declaration—all the stuff Obama hates.”

Her growing political power is entirely illogical, but it’s real.

That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it.

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