The real problem with feminism: women have become immoral

Tiberge, the (female) editor of Galliawatch, a weblog that covers news from France in a traditionalist perspective, writes:

I’m catching up on VFR and I see your discussion about women. The topic always arouses such passions because women have become immoral and their immorality is becoming a new norm.

Recently at Galiawatch there was a discussion on this topic. Two male readers argued, one from the very traditionalist side (I believe he is one of your readers), the other more modern. The first mentioned “General Law,” and at that point I intervened with a long speech that attempted to show how important women have been in Western civilization, contrary to the feminist dogma that they have been oppressed. The speech ended with this paragraph:

I’m going to make one last comment against women. Their conduct, these past 35 years is proof that they DO need to be, if not oppressed, then at least carefully monitored. They VOLUNTARILY engage in sex with multiple partners, acquire diseases that result often in infertility or worse, regard abortion as an inherent right AND as an everyday event of no consequence, have babies out of wedlock, bring unfair lawsuits against men, shove their way into the workplace often without proper qualifications, dump their kids at day-care, accept without question the teaching of multi-culturalism in the schools, join left-leaning groups, vote for socialistic legislation, mock men, treat men like “objects,” and propel the sex industry in ways that men alone could never do. These and other untenable actions cause them to lose the love and respect of men, and invalidate the fine accomplishments of women through the ages. In short, by using freedom as a licence, they have beome more enslaved than they ever were before.

In short, I was saying that woman, having once been the moral backbone of society, have become insignificant, because cheap, pushy, easy-to-get and defensive. They force themselves into taking the offense to prove they are not on the defense. So they have become “sick,” in conflict with their better nature (assuming they have a better nature).

The whole discussion was lively. If interested in the whole post [which begins with an entry about how the French state is abandoning laicité for the sake of Muslims], click here.

See also VFR’s discussion about women and authority here.

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