Black mob swarms over “Pedal Pub” in Minneapolis, then just as quickly vanishes

It sounds as though they’re building themselves up for something more serious.

The October 19 Minneapolis Star Tribune reports:

A flash mob of 25 to 30 youths on Saturday night attacked the Pedal Pub, a four-wheeled bicycle and bar powered by up to a dozen people, as it rolled down Nicollet Mall near S. 6th Street.

None of the 12 people riding the Pedal Pub was injured, but the passengers were shaken by the sudden attack, said Scott Ranney, who had rented it with friends.

The kids jumped on the Pub, shook it and grabbed at purses and belongings, Ranney said. A BlackBerry was the only thing stolen, and the attack ended just as suddenly as it began, with the kids running away.

“They could have done anything they wanted,” Ranney said.

The 9:15 p.m. attack was quickly responded to by police; it wasn’t immediately clear if any arrests resulted. Authorities in other cities have seen flash mobs conduct violent attacks.

This Pedal Pub sounds like classic Stuff White People Like. The flash mob that attacked them is, of course, black. So 25-30 blacks attacked a group of 12 Pedal Pubbers, probably all of whom were white, but the Star Tribune did not feel that the racial angle was fit to print. Also, you can bet that the race-blind neocons at the Minneapolis-based Powerline blog don’t feel that it was fit to print either.

I just checked. The Powerline guys have nothing on this story, which was published yesterday morning. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve never had a single article on the flash mob phenomenon and other black-on-white attacks across America over the last two years.

Oh, this is funny. I Googled “flash mob”, and there are several results for “flash mob” at that site. They all relate to the same story:

Greatest Flash Mob Ever.

The Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra assembles at Copenhagen’s Central Train Station and plays a little Ravel. Very cool.

So the only reference to flash mobs at Powerline is a story about a European symphony orchestra. Powerline covered a genteel white alternative to the “flash mob” phenomenon, without having ever run a single story on, or having ever mentioned in passing, actual flash mobs.

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