On the systematic extinction of the Western peoples

Fjordman remains one of the tiny handful of writers who articulately and forcefully oppose both the Islamization of the West and the dispossession of the white Western peoples by nonwhite immigration as a whole. Here are the last four paragraphs of his latest article; at EuropeNews:

A person born in 1970 in Sweden, a country which has no colonial history outside of Europe, would have started school in a nation that was still nearly 100% ethnically homogeneous. If current trends continue, he will be a minority in his native land as an old man. Not only does he have to endure this or be socially vilified and maybe fired from his job or worse, he has to fund his own colonization and publicly celebrate it as a great and positive development. There has been no full-scale armed invasion here, nor has any deadly plague devastated the native population, unless, that is, you count Multiculturalism as a plague, and perhaps you should.

White Westerners have given other peoples, including actively hostile tribes, the tools needed to multiply beyond their native capacity, the transportation needed to travel to our countries, the human rights legislation needed to settle here and the welfare states needed to exploit us.

My personal opinion is that this situation is so unnatural that it cannot go on for much longer, nor will it. For one thing, the Western world simply no longer possesses the physical capacity to fund all of this madness even if it wanted to. I strongly suspect that the current Western-created international political order will soon implode and may take many of the networks it created down with it. Most likely, the global population will be nowhere near the 10-12 billion people many demographers now predict by the year 2100. The simple fact is that the planet cannot support such numbers. Much of Africa can barely feed itself today and will collapse without continued external aid. Human numbers have become artificially inflated because of the technological civilization created by Europeans and could plummet within the coming one hundred years due to wars, epidemics, natural disasters and ecological collapse.

Personally, I can live with China being the world’s largest economy. I cannot and will not accept, however, not having a single major Western city where my daughter can go without being verbally, physically and perhaps sexually harassed because of the color of her skin, eyes and hair. We simply have no other choice than to establish, or re-establish, countries that are exclusively or overwhelmingly for people of European origins. It’s the single greatest challenge we will face over the coming one hundred years. We will do that or we will perish.

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February 14

John McNeil writes:

Fjordman certainly is a treasure. I value his writings very much. I also share his sentiments towards the establishment of a nation, essentially an ethnostate, for European-descended people. However, have he and others of the same mindset given any thought as to what establishing an ethnostate would actually entail? I used to be very firm in promoting ethnostates until a wise biracial man named nikcrit, who used to post on Guy White’s blog, pointed out the near impossibility of establishing one peacefully. Both North America and Western Europe are colonized all round, there are very few areas that remain homogenous. For example, I discovered that there are large Hispanic populations in places like Idaho, and right here in Iowa.

How can Fjordman’s dream come true without any violence? And if violence is the only way, are the proponents of ethno-states willing to engage in such a conflict in order to secure a homeland?

I firmly oppose (and I’m not implying that Fjordman is supportive of) violence, and see Orania as a template for a positive movement. Perhaps we’ll have to settle for townships rather than full nations. Perhaps that is our fate for having indulged in too much liberalism. To be without a physical homeland.

LA replies:

I have never endorsed the concept of an “ethno-state” as such. I do believe in the preservation and restoration of the Western nations as white majority nations reflecting the traditional white majority culture. And I believe that this could happen, without the type of violence you speak of, if the Western nations rejected and reversed their current liberal ideologies and policies. If they stopped non-European immigration; if they removed, whether through attrition or deportation, all illegal immigrants along with people who have been improperly naturalized; if they made clear that they were not multicultural societies that recognize all cultures but that they intend to keep their historical cultures, then the entire momentum now leading to the dispossession of the white Western peoples could be stopped and reversed. Many recent legal immigrants who do not have any particular attachment to the Western society in which they reside would voluntarily leave when they saw that the society had become less welcoming to them. In America, which has the largest percentage of non-Europeans, there could occur, over a period of time, over a period of generations, a steady increase in the white percentage of the population.

The point is not to arrive instantly at the end goal we desire; the point is to stop and reverse the current direction of things.

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