The federal government is waging war on America: do we ignore that fact and continue playing by the rules?

In barring enforcement of the key provisions of Arizona’s anti-illegal alien law on the eve of its coming into effect, federal district judge Susan Bolton didn’t just blatantly follow the Obama administration’s political line; she blatantly followed the most absurd and outrageous part of the administration’s political line, as explained by Andrew McCarthy the other day at The Corner:

In essence, Judge Susan Bolton bought the Justice Department’s preemption argument—i.e., the claim that the federal government has broad and exclusive authority to regulate immigration, and therefore that any state measure that is inconsistent with federal law is invalid. The Arizona law is completely consistent with federal law. The judge, however, twisted to concept of federal law into federal enforcement practices (or, as it happens, lack thereof). In effect, the court is saying that if the feds refuse to enforce the law the states can’t do it either because doing so would transgress the federal policy of non-enforcement … which is nuts.

We may think that the attack on Arizona’s perfectly legitimate statute SB 1070 by the Obama administration and by its operatives on the federal bench has triggered a kind of crisis in America’s constitutional regime. In another sense, however, it is Arizona that has triggered a crisis in America’s unconstitutional regime. For many decades, the liberal regime under Democratic and Republican presidents has perpetrated a disgusting fraud in which it not only declined to secure our national border from invaders and to enforce its own immigration laws such as employer sanctions, but also went along with “sanctuary cities” that openly defied federal law by prohibiting state officials from reporting illegal aliens to federal authorities. Now a state has passed a law which properly and consistently enforces the federal laws that the federal government itself has refused to enforce. And what happens? The federal government and the federal judiciary declare that state law to be unconstitutional, because it properly enforces federal law and thus contradicts the federal government’s unlawful practice of disregarding the law and allowing an ongoing foreign invasion of this country.

Arizona has thus thrown a challenge directly into the face of the modern liberal regime. The essence of the liberal regime is that it pretends to be and appears to be “moderate,” “patriotic,” and “lawful,”—all those things that average Americans see as the essence of America—while in reality it is radical, lawless, and anti-American. Even those mainstream conservatives who sense how extreme the ruling liberal orthodoxy really is, don’t want to say so, because that would break down the illusion of moderateness and consensus on which the American Creed rests and replace politics as usual with political warfare. But when the American Creed has become a front for leftist revolutionaries to dismantle America, it is no longer to be respected.

What would the Founding Fathers recommend if they were alive today and in Arizona? Would they counsel waiting for a year until Judge Bolton’s “temporary” restraining order blocking enforcement of SB 1070 is made permanent in a federal trial—probably presided over by herself? I don’t think so. Arizona must forcefully defy the present lawless federal government. I don’t know exactly what form that defiance should take—ranging from putting SB 1070 into effect and daring the feds to stop it, to riding Susan Bolton out of the state on the back of a pickup truck. But it must consist of something other than going through more “legal” procedures under the auspices of a federal court system which has been revealed as an arm of the Obama takeover of America.

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Stogie from Saberpoint writes:

I posted about your take on Judge Bolton’s decision and even created a nice Photoshop in your honor.

LA replies:

Thank you.

Roberrt B. from Minnesota writes:

And what to do now—

RUSH: So what do people do?

CALLER: I’m sure, sir. But by forcing the issue now, it puts it up into the press and it forces the issue to be on until the court gets back into session, which is in line with the electoral time frame. By enforcing the federal law through the state right now, you don’t have those voters getting on board therefore and you keep it into the media as the headline the whole time. It’s definitely going to, like you stated earlier, backfire on the Democrats so much so that you will see other states potentially that were on the fence in supporting this actually come forward and support it and be in coalition with Arizona.

RUSH: Yeah, I understand the theory. I understand the theory, and what you, Patrick, and the woman previous to you said is you’re basically paraphrasing Andrew Jackson who said to John Marshall, “Okay, you’ve made your decision. Now you enforce it.” This is not the first time something like this has happened in the country. So essentially what you all on the phones, you, too—and any of the rest of you in the audience who are saying, “Screw it, go ahead and implement the law in the first place!” What you’re basically saying is, “Okay, judge, here’s your ruling, you enforce it. You don’t have the resources to control illegal immigration. Do you have the resources to kick us in jail, American citizens, for trying to enforce your law that you won’t?”

Rush is right on this. President Jackson told the SCOTUS to go ahead and enforce their ruling—they have no means of doing so. That would Obama would have to step forward and send the National Guard in——the perfect storm for the American people to see once and for all what the left is really all about.

” … historian Robert V. Remini explains Jackson wrote in a letter to John Coffee, ” … the decision of the Supreme Court has fell still born, and they find that they cannot coerce Georgia to yield to its mandate,” meaning the Court’s opinion was moot because it had no power to enforce its edict (not being a legislative body).”

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