Romney’s acquiescence in homosexualist agenda

Kathlene M. writes:

I have to give Perry credit for being honest enough about the illegal immigration issue for conservatives to weed him out now. If only other candidates could be so upfront about their “conservative” values. For instance, if only Romney could be so honest about his quiet support for “gay rights” and same-sex “marriage” in Massachusetts as documented in a new book. In the interview noted below, the book’s author states that Romney is not to be trusted on pro-family issues. The 600-page book documents Romney’s culturally liberal-leaning governance of Massachusetts. Romney may be the East Coast’s version of RINO Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Here’s the full article from the link:

The Christian Post
Mon., Aug. 15 2011 03:07 PM EDT
Romney’s Flip Flopping on Homosexuality Discussed in New Book
By Paul Stanley | Christian Post Reporter

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney may have taken his share of criticism for flip-flopping on healthcare, but now pro-family activist and author Amy Contrada is challenging Romney on social issues in a book titled, Mitt Romney’s Deception—His Stealth Promotion of “Gay Rights” and “Gay Marriage” in Massachusetts. With over 600 pages of in-depth analysis, Contrada cites numerous examples of Romney’s support, or lack thereof, on social and pro-family issues.

The book describes what Contrada says is “the shocking, but under-reported record” of Romney’s support of gay rights and gay marriage during his term as Massachusetts governor. The author claims that contrary to Romney’s campaign comments of defending marriage and traditional values, he actually undermined them by working closely with homosexual activists and advisers while in office.

For example, Kevin Jennings started out as a teacher at the Concord Academy before rising to the position of Assistant Deputy Secretary of Education in the Obama administration. Jennings was the founder of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network prior to joining the administration. Contrada makes clear that Romney and his administration supported these and similar programs that left public school children exposed to the belief that homosexual behavior is mainstream and within moral guidelines.

“Romney is not someone to be trusted on the issue of same-sex marriage or pro-family issues,” Contrada told The Christian Post. “I believe the major reason for his flip-flopping is he’s not a constitutionalist nor is he a man of deeply rooted values.”

Interestingly, Contrada says she voted for Romney in 2002 and held signs for him in 1994.

“There is a lot about Gov. Romney that I didn’t know about then. We now know he supported civil unions and did not fully embrace the pro-life stance,” mentioned Contrada. “These are just a few of the issues that are the cornerstone of pro-family voters.”

The issue could once again raise the critical issue of what exactly Mitt Romney believes and when did he start believing it.

Michele Bachmann’s decisive victory in Iowa, combined with Texas Governor Rick Perry joining the GOP race for president will probably bring added pressure on Romney to discuss social issues that appear at times to take him outside of his comfort zone of economic and fiscal topics.

The book begins when as a gubernatorial candidate, Romney refused to support the original 2001 Massachusetts constitutional amendment to define marriage as between one man and one woman. Contrada also raises the issue of how the homosexual movement took over the Massachusetts Department of Education, before branching out into other areas such as social services.

“Mitt Romney was in a unique position to halt dangerous, socially destabilizing trends while governor of Massachusetts. But he would not engage that battle, instead colluding with homosexual activists to promote their agenda,” Contrada wrote in the book.

Contrada is specific on one when she offers criticism on Romney’s stances. “I don’t really know what is in his heart. But I do know he’s treating marriage as a political issue and he certainly wants the homosexual vote.”

“I examined every statement I could find that he [Romney] made about homosexuality and nowhere could I find where he condemned same-sex marriage. He will never call it immoral. Every Mormon I know personally … the rank and file Mormons … I know … are very clearly opposed to homosexuality and see it as a moral issue. The church on the other hand seems to be a bit wishy-washy on the issue. I think Romney is the same way and wants to please everybody by playing every issue down the middle.”

In chapter 2 of her book, Contrada outlines all the issues Romney supported while in office and in the third chapter, she highlights comments that Romney, his campaign or his staff have made over the years in regards to pro-family issues:

“While Romney was Governor, his Executive Office of Health and Human Services staff—which was reported to closely monitor any ‘educational materials perceived as having political consequences’—supported the DPH’s [Department of Public Health] statewide distribution of new shocking and radical posters supporting (and arguably promoting) transgenderism and homosexuality, and warning against ‘transphobia’ and ‘homophobia,’” Contrada wrote in her book.

“These posters, approved in 2004 and before, were posted in medical offices (including in public schools), on buses and subways, and ran in newspapers statewide. GLBT activists complained to the Boston Globe that it took a long time, but Romney and his staff did approve these radical statements, so any delay was meaningless in the end.”

Contrada says she never set out to undertake such a project; nevertheless, her 40 years as a Massachusetts resident and her 20 years as a pro-family activist, gave her the insight and background to assemble the information necessary in order to publish the book.

The book is self-published and is available on

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Sage McLaughlin writes:

It’s a small thing, but Kathlene M.’s message to you reminds me of a peeve of mine, that is, the use of the acronym “RINO.” I hope that if you post this she does not think I’m attacking her, because most of my Republican friends use it all the time, and it doesn’t say anything interesting about the person who uses it.

Maybe it started to grate on me when it became a staple product of Sarah Palin’s Speech-o-Matic, I’m not sure. But at any rate it seems to me to misconstrue something important, which is the difference between political parties and political ideas. If anything, people like you and me are Republicans in name only, since it is we who have registered with that party for purely practical reasons and who are, to a large extent, out of step with the Republican mainstream. Acceptance of homosexuality is more an essential part of the Republican brand than opposition to it these days.

If anything, Mitt Romney represents the real mainstream of the party—he has little real interest in American national identity, and might even proclaim himself a “classical liberal” if pressed. He’s a free trader, sort of, but he’s also a believer in the rightness and necessity of welfare state. He embraces the entire socio-political revolution that took place in the 1960’s. He opposes neither feminism nor the dispossession of white (and black) Americans by mass immigration. None of this distinguishes him in any meaningful way from the party’s leadership, even if it distinguishes him from some individual Congressional Republicans. Mitt Romney is, in fact, a Republican in Thought, Word, and Deed (RITWD?).

Come to think of it, I would be proud to be a Republican in Name Only. God save me the day I become a RITWD, with nothing else to guide me. (Again, that’s probably not what Kathlene M. really means. Still … )

LA replies:

I think RINO gained currency in reference to people like Sens. McCain and Snowe, who would actively undercut their own party and ally with the Democrats. But then it spread, taking on the meaning of “not a real conservative.” But since lots of Republicans are not real conservatives, the term RINO lost any useful meaning.

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