WSJ makes it plainer than ever: they see America as an economy, not a country

John Derbyshire writes at the Corner:

I thought Ramesh’s response to that clip of the Wall Street Journal editorial conference was basically sound. I’m just amazed that Ramesh stayed so calm all through it. Me, I was… well, no, not foaming at the mouth, but gaping in wonder at such a concentration of smug rich-guy arrogance on display all in one place.

What color is the sky in these guys’ world? I’ve modified a trillion or so pixels scoffing at the Left’s blithe indifference to actual human nature, but Gigot & Co. take the biscuit. It’s pretty routine now to mock the WSJ editorial crowd for believing that there is no such thing as a nation, only an economy. Well, there it is. You saw it. That is what they actually, literally believe. We kick around phrases like “arrogant elites” pretty carelessly, but here they are, out in the open, brazen and unashamed. [Cont.]

Posted by Lawrence Auster at May 25, 2007 01:30 PM | Send

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