Chelsea King probably found

A girl’s body has been found in Lake Hodges in San Diego, where police and volunteers have been searching for 17 year old Chelsea King since last week.

“Although positive identification has not been made, there is strong likelihood that we have found Chelsea,” said San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore during a news conference Tuesday afternoon in San Diego.

Law enforcement officials confirmed Tuesday afternoon that a girl’s body has been found in Lake Hodges, where extensive search efforts have been underway for missing Poway teen Chelsea King.

Emily B., who sent the article, writes:

I read somewhere that her parents had set down a rule for her not to run alone, but there was no follow-up as to why she was running alone that evening. [LA notes: that is discussed in the next entry.].

Kilroy M. writes:

Seems pretty obvious to me: she was a strong, independent woman who could take care of herself… at least that’s what she’s been told all through high school and daily in pop-media. And by what right does her father have any authority to enforce his merely subjective and arbitrary rule over her in this day and age? So … she ran alone… and got what was coming. Brace yourself for the “white ribbon day” styled attack on violent male culture being solely responsible for this tragedy. Modern female liberalism - it’s like a girl jumping into a lake knowing it to be infested with piranhas and then demanding the naughty fish be punished for injuring her.

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