Liberals would rather let humanity die than allow any true statements about a certain race

Here’s proof, if any were needed, that liberal society cares more about suppressing any negative and true statements about members of an unknown race than it does about defending the lives of its citizens, including members of that unknown race (such as Tysha Jones, see previous entry) who are being murdered by other members of that unknown race. As reported in the Seattle Times, a 2007 gang murder conviction in Seattle has been thrown out by the Washington Supreme Court because the prosecutor in the case, James Konat, identified a certain behavior that is characteristic of youth and criminals belonging to the unknown race, and his remarks “cast doubt on the credibility of the witnesses based on their race,” and so was “racist” against the unknown race:

During the trial, Konat questioned witnesses, many of them black [Oh God, God, the Times actually used the word “black,” how will the universe recover?] , about a purported street “code” that he claimed prevented some from talking to the police, according to the Supreme Court’s majority opinion written by Justice Tom Chambers. In questioning some witnesses, Konat made references to the “PO-leese,” the justices found.

During his closing argument to jurors, Konat also said that while witnesses denied the presence of such a code, “the code is black folk don’t testify against black folk. You don’t snitch to the police,” according to the Supreme Court decision.

That Konat spoke of this black anti-snitching code was enough to get the murder conviction overturned. Presumably if he had spoken of an anti-snitching code among youths, rather than among blacks, it would have been ok, even though the acceptable version of the statement would have had exactly the same meaning as the unacceptable version. But the fact that Konat specifically connected this black behavior with blacks was more objectionable to the Washington Supreme Court than the prospect of overthrowing a four-year-old murder conviction and requiring the prosecutors to try the defendant all over again, five years after the murder. We should be thankful that the Court didn’t simply order the defendant released because of the violation of the anti-discriminatory code, something that has happened in uncountable other cases, resulting in innumerable accused murderers and future murderers being released into society.

Here’s the ugly truth:

Liberalism values non-discrimination over life.

But we already knew that, didn’t we? Look up George Casey.

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