Monstrous Britain

A reader in England writes:

Justice within the UK legal system is a farce and a joke.

I’m waiting for the Dylan song condemning a justice system that gives a six month sentence to a black who raped an 11 year old white girl. Could be a long wait.

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Aditya B. writes:

I hope my recent emails haven’t been too annoying. But I can’t help writing. I feel utterly powerless and I have no other means of expressing my rage and frustration at what appears to be liberalism in hyperdrive.

The civilization that I love, and which has given me so much, is under siege.

Western regimes are actively pursuing white dispossession and disenfranchisement through varied means such as increased Third-Worldization via mass immigration, the ignoring of “wilding” attacks, lenient sentences for monsters in human form attacking and debauching white girls, imputing racism to white babies (babies!), indoctrination in schools and through mass media.

There is not the slightest doubt in my mind that in addition to wanting to turn the historic white majority into a minority, they want to reduce them to a state of abject fear and helplessness.

This is dreadful because there is no evidence that this—the greatest of all civilizations—can be maintained by nonwhites, or even successfully transmitted to them. In fact, there is a mountain of evidence to the contrary. Every nation is a laboratory. Just examine the countries of origin of nonwhite immigrants to extrapolate on the nature of society they will create.

As I said in a prior email, there is virtually no historic evidence demonstrating collective white defense on a racial basis. Thus far, there is no evidence that they are prepared to do so in our times.

But they must. Unless Western historical majorities retake their rightful place as originators and maintainers of their society, we will march, inexorably, towards a more unjust, more violent, and poorer world. All of us, white and nonwhite, are better off in a world where the Occidentals are in charge, unequivocally and without any guilt.

The story of the defilement of this child is too horrible for words. How many white girls must be sacrificed to the liberal Moloch? How many whites must be dispossessed and humiliated to placate this deity that demands we move heaven and earth to create equality of outcome for blacks and other groups? How much of the West must be destroyed in order to accommodate nonviolent and even intelligent nonwhites like Far East Asians who, in spite of their virtues, are incompatible with the core values of the Occident?

I want to live in a white country where the white man’s law prevails. He alone believes in equal dignity of all human life, he alone believes in the rule of law, in freedom of speech and conscience. He alone loves and lovingly cares for his land and its beauty.

A Western nation that is no longer maintained by the values of white people will be a dysfunctional and violent land where life, for most, will be nasty, brutish and short.

Sam writes:

Contemporary Great Britain is the liberal society which seems to most fully embody the notion of anarcho-tyranny: “Police accused of ignoring pedophile gang out of fear of appearing racist.”

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