Everyone in this story, including all the authority figures, is black, except the target

A commenter at Steve Sailer’s site (who unfortunately doesn’t seem to believe in capitalization) writes:

LOL! a case that i was gonna ignore is simply getting better all the time!

the half black president says the police officer acted stupidly! the governor, who also appears to be half black, says he is troubled and upset! the mayor, WHO ALSO IS BLACK (?!), has apologized on behalf of the city!

every single one of these people is african or part african, has attained the highest political office in a european majority nation, yet quickly goes on the offensive against a white police officer, who, it now appears, is perhaps the worst possible target they could have picked to attack:

it turns out this james crowly is an expert on racial profiling! he was hand picked by a former police commissioner, ALSO BLACK (wtf?!), to teach at a police academy for 5 YEARS about how to not racially profile people!

the former police comissionner is standing fully behind crowly, as are the police. crowly himself responds exactly as steve has responded. that the president wasn’t there, doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and shouldn’t have interjected himself into the situation. and hey, look at that—the police officer is an obama supporter! LOL! of course. he immediately comes out as an obama supporter, like all liberal whites attacked by blacks now.

look at how many africans are in positions of authority here. the president, the governor, the mayor, a former police commissioner, a professor. the white police officer is the only european in the entire story.

when are white liberals going to learn that spending even a large chunk of their time helping black americans is not going to earn them one iota of credit with that group?


Posted by Lawrence Auster at July 23, 2009 10:21 PM | Send

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