Muslim community leader planning suit against those who have created anti-Islam atmosphere in America

A website called The Ugly Truth says that Hesham Tillawi, president of the LaFayette Islamic Center in Louisiana, has announced his decision to file a lawsuit against unspecified persons and media entities “responsible for creating the present state of anti-Islamic hysteria sweeping the nation.” The same article says that we don’t know that Muslims committed the 9/11 attack.

This paragraph gives a sense of the article, and of the supposed law suit:

For Tillawi, at issue here is that–despite nothing being proven in a court of law viz-a-viz who exactly carried out the terrorist attacks on 9/11, nevertheless–the entire Islamic world has been charged, convicted and sentenced in the court of public opinion. The entities responsible for creating this climate of suspicion now resulting in daily acts of violence against Muslims in America and throughout the West is this 2-headed monster represented by the U.S. government on one side and the news media–both mainstream and alternative–on the other. According to Tillawi– “What started out as a series of terrorist attacks blamed on 19 Middle Eastern men has now expanded to include the religion of Islam itself and along with that, 1.5 billion men, women and children who are its followers. We are talking about 9 years, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day where Islam is being slandered and falsely portrayed by certain parties who stand to gain a lot by fomenting this clash of civilizations between Muslims and the West. In this kind of climate, I am not safe. My children and friends are not safe, and there is no reason to expect things are going to get better unless we push back against the lies and the calumny. Wasn’t this the lesson we were supposed to learn from the Holocaust? Do we have to wait until 6 million of us are killed? Is that the magic number where it is okay for us to step up and say ‘enough!’?”

Wouldn’t it be something if the U.S. media were, as Tillawi alleges, actually building up anti-Muslim feeling? In reality, the U.S. media and the U.S. government conceal the Muslim war against America. The media portrayed the mass murder by Nidal Hasan at Fort Hood Texas as the act of an unbalanced individual, rather than the act of a Muslim jihadist who had made numerous explicit statements of his jihadist beliefs, while the official Defense Department report on the mass murder never even mentioned the fact that the mass murderer is a Muslim.

It will be interesting to see how far a suit alleging anti-Muslim bias gets, which asserts that it was not Muslims who carried out the 9/11 attack.

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